Experienced Electrician for Salt Lake City & St. George Utah Areas

About Us

For more than a decade, HedgeHog Electric has been delivering quality electric services to customers throughout Utah. Whether residential or commercial, we bring the same professional and friendly attitude to every job. We believe honesty, safety, quality and timeliness are the hallmarks of good electrical service. Our customers tend to agree.

Our team of licensed electricians brings expertise and a world of experience to everything we do. Unlike some electrical companies, we don’t “audition” potential customers to make sure the work they need will net us the biggest profit. Our motto is “no job is too big or too small.”

At HedgeHog Electric, we make it our business to stay up-to-date on the latest innovations in home and factory automation, lighting and sustainable energy. We’ve also forged long-term relationships with suppliers who provide us with high-quality fixtures and materials at a great price, allowing us to pass the savings onto our customers.

We have flat rates at reasonable prices, explained upfront. As electricians, we avoid any kind of shock, including sticker shock!

What We Do

Whatever your electrical service needs, we can help. The HedgeHog Electric team knows smooth electrical service is crucial to keeping your house running smoothly.

Just a few of our many services include:

  • An energy audit
  • LED lighting retrofits for energy efficiency and savings
  • Electrical design and installation for residential remodels and new builds
  • Electrical installation for commercial spaces, whether retail, office or industrial
  • Landscape and security lighting
  • Lighting installation for home theaters and game rooms
  • Panel upgrades
  • Solar installation
  • Wiring

What About The Funny Name?

People often ask how we got our unique moniker. The name HedgeHog Electric was inspired by business researcher Jim Collins’ classic book, “Good to Great.” He asserted that the key to growing and sustaining a business is simplicity.

He used a metaphor to illustrate his point, inspired by an ancient allegory. Like most of Aesop’s Fables, it involved animals, in this case a fox and a hedgehog. The fox tries every imaginable approach to try to kill and eat the hedgehog, from pouncing to playing dead and from sneaking up on the quilled critter to using his superior speed.

Whatever method he uses, the fox ends every attack by slinking away, his nose and pride wounded by the hedgehog’s spines. The reason our unlikely hero defeats his enemy is that the hedgehog has one big ability it utilizes perfectly: self-defense.

Collins says the surest way for an organization to succeed is to identify its “Hedgehog Concept,” the thing they do best and which sets them apart from competitors.

Our HedgeHog Concept

At HedgeHog Electric our team of electricians is licensed, experienced, solution-oriented and committed to meeting and exceeding safety standards. As crucial as these qualifications are, we realized from the start that we would need something else, a hedgehog concept, to set us apart from other electrical companies. We vowed to put as much focus on good customer service as we do on top-quality electrical work.

Our Vision

We cultivate leadership and excellence in everything we do.

Our Mission

We generate happiness through peace of mind. We establish and build long term relationships, delivering superior value to our customers and opportunities for growth, leadership and achievement for our team.

Core Values

Extreme Ownership
We own everything in our world; no finger pointing, no excuses.
Interntional Personal Growth
We are constantly improving our knowledege, understanding, and abilities in all areas of life.
Gossip Free Enviroment
We respect others and resolve our issues without undermining anyone.
If we do it, we do it safely.
Excellence In The Ordinary
We recognize and reinforce the extra in the ordinary.
Financial Health
We promote financial peace and debt-free living.
Speed Of Trust
Our team enviroment is built on character and competence.
Dedication to Family and Faith
We are loyal to each other, our families, and our faiths.
Masters Of Our Craft
We continually raise our standards of quality and performance.
Selfless Generosity
We foster a culture of giving in the service of others.

The HedgeHog Electric Approach

All of our electricians on the HedgeHog team have been hand-selected to ensure they can deliver on this guiding concept. Our team of electricians is:

  • Approachable
  • Creative
  • Fast
  • Honest
  • Polite
  • Skilled

If you want to learn more about the hedgehog concept that drives HedgeHog Electric, you can check out this short video we’ve created.

Our high standards of customer service is our most powerful asset, setting us apart from the competition and keeping customers satisfied. We encourage you to contact us with any of your electrical needs. HedgeHog Electric is ready to serve.

Call for an appointment: (866)471-9471