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Recessed Lighting

Depending on a room’s size and shape, having a single light source with some supplementary lamps is often not enough to properly illuminate it. And aside from when you are trying to sleep, most people don’t want to spend much time in a poorly-lit room.

If you have an area or two in your home that is dimly-lit and you would like brighter to make it more usable, then you’ve come to the right place. Because HedgeHog Electric is here to tell you all about recessed lighting.

What Is Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a type of lighting that is set into the ceiling, rather than hanging from it or protruding out from a flush mount. Sometimes, this type of lighting is also called downlights or can lighting.

No matter the name, recessed lighting comes with three distinct parts that—depending on what parts are used—define the type of recessed lighting that it is. Knowing the available types of recessed lighting can help you determine what kind you want to be installed in your home.

Types Of Recessed Lighting Available

Over the last several years, recessed lighting has become one of the more popular lighting services offered by HedgeHog Electric. As it has grown in popularity, we want to ensure that you know what types of recessed lighting is available so that you can choose the most effective type of lighting for your property.

Housing For Recessed Lighting

The type of housing that is used is generally determined by our electricians, as they work with you. Whether you have a new building you want recessed lighting installed, what spacing is appropriate, and other considerations will be addressed by our electricians before the project begins.

Type Of Trim For Recessed Lighting

One of the more visible parts of a recessed light is the trim. What kind of trim you prefer will highly dictate how you use your recessed lights, as these various types of trims provide different benefits.

Open trim – Preserving a smooth surface with the ceiling, open trim sets the light bulb flush with the ceiling or only a little extended beyond the trim. This type of trim provides unobstructed light from the bulb.

Baffle trim – This type of trim has the light bulb sit deeper in the housing and isn’t flush with the ceiling. To prevent light glare, the baffle trim is ribbed.

Wall-wash trim – To help illuminate wall hangings and other wall-flush decorations, wall-wash trim places a shield over half of the recessed light opening to help focus the beam. That way, while the light is mostly covered, it will focus on the decor item you want to highlight.

Eyeball trim – You are able to directionally move the eyeball trim recessed lights, shifting the interior light to illuminate the area you are interested in lighting. This type of trim sticks out the most from the ceiling out of all the types of recessed lighting.

Reflector trim – If you are looking for spotlight illumination, reflector trim is what you want. The interior is mirrored to provide extra reflection and light, with the light bulb recessed into the can light housing. For some types of reflector trim, you can choose the tint of the mirrored surface.

Pinhole trim – Providing a narrow beam of light, pinhole trim recessed lighting is excellent for highlighting display items. The light bulb sits recessed in the housing.

Gimbal trim – Similar to the eyeball trim, gimbal trim allows you to pivot the light bulb housing, though it is a less rounded housing and sticks out less than eyeball trim. Some of the light can become blocked by the housing if you pivot the gimbal trim fully in.

Shower trim – To protect the light from developing issues in wet rooms, there is a tempered glass covering over the recessed housing. Shower trim is mostly flush with the ceiling.

The light bulbs you use in your recessed lighting will depend on the size of the housing and how you intend to use your recessed lighting.

How Can You Use Recessed Lighting

As you might have determined by what we covered above, there are many ways you can utilize recessed lighting in your home. To help spark your imagination, here are some of the best areas to add recessed lighting.

Ambient Lighting – Any rooms that require ambient lighting can benefit from the boost that recessed lighting can provide. You can keep a central light while also having recessed lights on a dimmer, so you can determine just how much extra light you need.

Task Lighting In Kitchens & Bathrooms – Kitchens often are oddly-shaped, making it difficult to light them appropriately without using our kitchen lighting services. Having either a ceiling full of recessed lights or just a few task lights in key areas can help make kitchen work easier. Bathrooms are also dim rooms, and recessed light with a shower trim can easily be placed inside of the bathing area to help brighten things up.

Spotlight Illumination – Whether you have decorative niches that you would like better lit or a mantle that you want to be spotlighted, then recessed lighting can help. Our electricians can also set up the recessed lights on switches, so you can control when the spotlights illuminate.

Pathway Lighting – While it is not as common in residential properties, you can use recessed lights as pathway lighting. Stairwells, outdoor paths, theater rooms, and more can benefit from recessed lighting used to make walkways brighter.

Outdoor Recessed Lighting – If your home has an outdoor overhang that you want better lit, you can add recessed lighting to chase away the shadows.

Why Have HedgeHog Electric Install Your Recessed Lighting

Installing recessed lighting can be tricky if you aren’t used to working with electrical systems. Luckily, our electricians have a wide range of experience and the proper tools to make installing recessed lighting far easier. Other reasons to choose HedgeHog Electric as your recessed lighting installers are:

Increased Safety

Working with your home’s electrical system can be dangerous for a number of reasons. For one thing, most people don’t have the training to safely handle their electrical system, and following along with a tutorial is no substitute, especially since it’s impossible to know if the information is correct until it’s too late.

Also, installing recessed lights requires the right tools, from tall stable ladders to the equipment to cut through the ceiling. Further wiring may be needed to install the number of recessed lights you want, and that work is best left to professionals who can set it up safely.

Residential And Commercial Services Available

Whether you are looking to have recessed lighting installed in your private residence or an upgrade for your business, HedgeHog Electric is who you need. Our electricians are ready to tackle electrical projects of any size, whether you need commercial or residential electrical services.

Fast And Courteous

Here at HedgeHog Electric, we pride ourselves on providing both fast and courteous electrical service to all our clients. You won’t be left wondering when our electricians will show up, and we are committed to completing our work in a timely manner, all while providing courteous service.

Clear, Upfront Pricing

You will never get a surprise bill when you work with HedgeHog Electric. We present you with our job bid upfront, so you know exactly how much our work will cost. Transparency is also important to us, so if you have any questions about the price of our bid, we are more than happy to explain.

Whether you live in Southern Utah or Northern Utah, you can count on HedgeHog Electric to help you install your recessed lighting. Contact us today to set up your consultation and get the ball rolling on your new lighting system.

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