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Induction Wall Pack Type Fixture Upgrade

inductionwallpackDifferent factors qualify induction fixtures as among the best products in the fixtures’ market, including significant energy savings, light output and lifespan. The fixtures are especially ideal for upgrading lighting to improve efficiency without affecting light output.

Apart from being efficient, induction fixtures maintain 85% of their original light output during their entire lifespan. This is remarkable considering that ordinary HID high bay lamps produce only 40% of their original lumens just after a year, with the light output continuing to fall by more than 50% as long as they remain in use. In spite of this reduction, the lamps continue consuming the same level of power from the time they are installed to their replacement.

When shopping for fixtures must consider various factors, including the lifespan of the fixtures and their warranty. Purchase price should be a secondary factor. While Induction fixtures are relatively more expensive than many types of fixtures, they save on maintenance and energy. This means that they are more economical in the long run.


  • Parking lot lighting
  • Car lot lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Area and storage lighting
  • Building accent lighting
Type Lamp Watts Consumed Watts Warranty Expected Lamp Life
Traditional (HID) 250 275 3yr (avg) 20,000 hours
LED Equivalent 100 110 10yr 100,000 hours
Traditional (HID) 400 460 3 yr (avg) 20,000 hours
LED Equivalent 250 262 10yr 100,000 hours
Traditional (HID) 1000 1100 3 yr (avg) 20,000 hours
LED Equivalent 500 525 10yr 100,000 hours

RMP efficient lighting incentive:

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