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Ceiling Fan Installation

Choosing to have a ceiling fan installed can come with a variety of benefits from adding greater comfort to your home to bringing together the overall aesthetic. However, attempting the installation yourself can be dangerous, as ceiling fans are awkward and heavy to handle, especially if you aren’t used to them.

So, whether you are replacing an old ceiling fan or having a light fixture swapped out for a new ceiling fan, the team of electricians here at HedgeHog Electric is ready to tackle that task for you.

Ceiling Fan Installation In Salt Lake City And St George, UT

Ceiling fans are great in all weather conditions. From circulating cool air in the summer to push warm air back down during the winter, having a ceiling fan installed can significantly increase the comfort of your home. All you have to do is pick out the fan and have our electricians come in to install the fan.

HedgeHog Electric provides professional electrical services to Salt Lake City, Kanab, St George, and communities surrounding these cities. With our trained and licensed teams of electricians, your ceiling fan can be installed in no time flat.

By having experienced residential electricians perform your ceiling fan installation, you can rest easy knowing the job will be done right the first time.

Why Choose Professional Electricians For Ceiling Fan Installation

There are plenty of reasons why you will be far better off choosing a professional electrician to do your ceiling fan installation rather than attempting it on your own.

  • Proper equipment at hand – While attempting a DIY project, how often have you needed to stop and go to the home improvement store for tools or supplies? Well, when you choose to work with our professional electricians, you don’t have to worry about making trips for missing tools.
  • Comfortable with working from a ladder – Hauling a bulky and heavy ceiling fan up a tall ladder can be an intimidating and dangerous prospect. But you don’t have to take that risk when you count on our electricians. Our experienced electricians are comfortable working from tall ladders and can work in teams on difficult jobs to increase safety.
  • Expert wiring knowledge – Depending on your ceiling fan installation work, it can be tricky to install a ceiling fan, especially if you need new wiring run. With the help of our electricians, your ceiling fan wiring needs can be completed as building code requires.
  • Safe mounting procedure – The weight of a ceiling fan can be a considerably greater strain, as they are heavier than a standard light. To ensure that your new ceiling fan stays safely in place, our electricians will ensure that the fan is secure upon mounting.
  • Attention to details – There is nothing like having a scratch on one of your ceiling fan blades or having one slightly askew to drive you crazy. You don’t have to worry about that with our electricians. They are careful during the entire process and pay attention to the smallest details
  • Licensed and insured electricians – Rather than trusting a random handyman, HedgeHog Electric employs licensed and insured electricians. That way, you can feel confident knowing that our electrician’s work is fully backed by our company.

Types Of Ceiling Fans You Can Have Installed

When you choose HedgeHog Electric’s installation services, there are a variety of ceiling fans you can have installed.

Standard Ceiling Fans

Standard Ceiling Fans

Most homes will sport a standard ceiling fan in at least one of the rooms. These ceiling fans generally have 4-5 blades and at least one light in the middle, though some are designed to be more along the lines of a chandelier. You will also typically have a downrod to allow your ceiling fan to hang down.

Ceiling Fans Without Lights

Ceiling Fans Without Lights

Not everyone wants lights with their ceiling fans. While ceilings fans often provide double duty as ambient lighting, you can find plenty of ceiling fans that don’t come with lights. These types of fans are great for rooms that already have plenty of natural light.

Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fans

Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fans

There are energy-efficient ceiling fans that receive an Energy Star rating, which means that they use 20% to 30% less energy than what the federal standards require of manufacturers. Some of the visual differences with energy-efficient ceiling fans are the sleeker, aerodynamic fan blades, allowing for less stress on the motor, as well as having integrated lighting.

Low-Profile Ceiling Fans

Low-Profile Ceiling Fans

For individuals who have lower ceilings but still want some of the air movement benefits of ceiling fans, low-profile ceiling fans are perfect. These ceiling fans are flush mounted to the ceiling, with only a small amount of clearance between the fan blades and the ceiling. As there is less space, the low-profile ceiling fan is less effective at moving the air in a room, but it does still work.

Remote Control And Smart Ceiling Fans

Remote Control And Smart Ceiling Fans

If you have high ceilings, mobility issues, or just want more convenient ceiling fan access, then a remote control ceiling fan might be for you. With this type of fan, you often have control over the on and off setting, 2-4 speeds, and lights. There are also smart ceiling fans where you use an app on your smartphone as a remote control.

Damp & Wet Ceiling Fans

Damp and Wet Ceiling Fans

Regular ceiling fans can have their motors damaged in humid areas, so it is best if you look for ceiling fans that are rated for damp and wet conditions. Individuals who live in areas with high humidity or who are looking for an outdoor ceiling fan for a porch or gazebo will find damp and wet ceiling fans have blades that are warp-resistant and moisture-resistant motors.

Commercial Ceiling Fans

Commercial Ceiling Fans

While a regular ceiling fan can be used commercially, there are commercial ceiling fans that are designed to circulate area around much larger facilities than standard ceiling fans. These commercial-grade fans are ideal for rooms that are between 10’-25’, and if you add additional commercial fans, you can use them effectively in even larger rooms.

Frequently Asked Ceiling Fan Installation Questions

There are some frequently asked questions regarding ceiling fan installation questions. To try and provide you with some helpful answers, here are the most common queries regarding ceiling fan installation.

How long does it take to have a ceiling fan installed?

Ceiling fan installations are generally quick work, and our experienced electricians can usually manage them in under an hour. This timeframe also includes clean up, as we believe in leaving our job sites neat and orderly.

The work can take longer if there are any wiring or mounting supports needed. These things can add an extra hour to the job. Also, if there is no existing wiring in the location of the new ceiling fan, that can take an entire day or more to ensure that things are done safely and up to building code.

What type of ceiling fan should I choose?

As you can see above, there are many types of ceiling fans to choose from, and when you choose a type, there are plenty of ceiling fan style variations. What you choose is entirely up to you, and you can choose based on your preferences and needs.

If you would like advice on what ceiling fans would suit your home best, you can consult with our electricians while discussing the installation work.

How much does a ceiling fan installation cost?

Not counting the cost of purchasing your ceiling fan, ceiling fan installation job on average costs between $100-$450 for a basic installation. If there is additional work required, such as additional supports or wiring, the cost of the job will go up. However, you don’t have to worry about surprise bills when working with us.

We always provide the full job bid before we do any work so that you can know exactly how much our services will cost. That way, there are no hidden fees that surprise you at the end.

Can my ceiling fan be mounted on a sloped or low ceiling?

Yes, no matter your ceiling configuration, we can mount a ceiling fan. However, depending on the height of your ceiling, different ceiling fans will work better.

For instance, if you have a low ceiling, it is best if you choose a low-profile flush mount ceiling fan. Or, if you have a high, angular ceiling, then a ceiling fan with a long downrod can help improve the air circulation in the room.

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