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7 Wiring Code Violations And Electrical Mistakes Many Homes Have

Taking care of your home’s electrical needs is best left up to your local electricians. However, sometimes, people are tempted to engage in a bit of DIY electrical work. This inexperienced electrical work can leave your home vulnerable to potential … [Read more...]

Why It’s Way Past Due To Upgrade Your Two-Prong Outlets

One electrical upgrade that is easy to overlook is two-prong outlet upgrades. Many people just find two-prong outlets inconvenient and a bit annoying, but they are far more dangerous than most people know. Two-Prong Outlets Aren’t As Safe In modern … [Read more...]

Is a Standby Or Portable Generator Right For Your Home?

For some people, having their power go out is a mild inconvenience at best. However, if you work from home, need to use electrical medical equipment like a CPAP machine, have a deep freezer, or other electrical-dependent devices, having a backup … [Read more...]

Vanity Lights Change The Look & Feel Of Your Bathroom

One of the areas of the home where the right lighting services can make a huge impact is in the bathroom. In the bathroom, you clean up and get ready for the day. Without the proper lighting, this process can be impacted, like missing a light stain … [Read more...]

The 2019 St. George Christmas Light Spectacular By HedgeHog Electric

It’s that time of year again! HedgeHog Electric, is back with our annual 2019 St. George Christmas Light Map so that you can find the best Christmas light displays this season.We have been blown away by the feedback and support we have received … [Read more...]

Understanding Your Electric Meter

Many homeowners never bother to look at their electric meter—-that is, until they receive an unusually high electric bill. But, without the ability to know what the information on your electric meter means, just looking at it won’t do anything … [Read more...]

8 Energy Conservation Tips For The Winter Months

The winter months often mark the highest energy usage. If you have had large electric bills in the past winter months, and want to try and reduce your electricity usage, your local HedgeHog Electric electricians have some tips for you to try this … [Read more...]

Black Friday Hot Tub Shopping? Don’t Forget The Wiring!

With Black Friday deals coming, many people are considering different splurges. A top one this winter is hot tubs.Whether you are considering a hot tub as an early Christmas present or just want something to help warm up the winter, don’t forget … [Read more...]

Upgrading Your Outlets? Consider Choosing A USB Combo Outlet

Once you start to consider upgrading your current outlets and look into what outlet installation options there are, it just makes sense to put in at least one USB combo outlet among the replacement outlets you are having installed.These outlets … [Read more...]

What’s The Difference Between Pendant Lighting And Chandeliers?

Statement lighting is the crown jewel of a room and is an excellent way to display your personality and style. But if you are hunting for lighting options on your own, you may be a bit confused when it comes to chandeliers and pendant lights, and you … [Read more...]

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