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Why Do I Need To Get My Electrical Panel Inspected?

Why Do I Need To Get My Electrical Panel Inspected
Your home’s electrical panel is the critical safety mechanism in your electrical system. Yet, after the breaker panel installation has been completed, most people forget about their circuit breaker panel, especially since these panels are often tucked away into closets or basements.

While you don’t have to hover over your electrical panel, having it inspected can help ensure the safety of your family and home. When your electrical panel should be inspected will depend on several factors that our electricians here at HedgeHog Electric are happy to explain.

Electrical Panels Don’t Last Forever

On average, an electrical panel will last for at least 20 years, with some being known to last for many years longer. However, after your electrical panel has passed the 20-year mark, it is worth your time and peace of mind to have it professionally inspected. After your inspection, our electricians will be able to tell you what they noticed, what is worth upgrading, and if there are any clear issues.

An electrical panel inspection is also important if you have an outdated panel, such as a fused-based electrical panel. While fuse-based electrical panels aren’t necessarily bad, they often aren’t set up to manage the power draw that modern households need.

Also, there have been electrical panels that have been known factors in house fires. While these panels have been recalled, not all of them were taking out of the homes they were installed in. Most of them turned up in the 70s and 80s, so if you have an older home, you may want your electrical panel inspected to be sure it is a safe model.

Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Electrical Panel

Now, when should you get an electrical panel inspection? Aside from getting an inspection after 20 years, here are some other signs that your electrical panel needs to be looked at by professional electricians.

Your Circuit Breakers Go Off Often

Circuit breakers are designed to turn off when too much electricity tries to surge. This mechanism helps protect your home from dangerous surges and potential electrical fires. The problem arises when your circuit breakers turn off too frequently.

When circuit breakers trip frequently, there can be a number of issues, from faulty wiring to a failing circuit breaker. Either way, a professional electrician can find the problem by examining the electrical panel.

Wall Switches Or Outlets Are Dead

A dead outlet or wall switch may just indicate that the particular component needs to be replaced. However, if there are multiples that are dead, or worse, burned out, that can indicate a serious issue with your electrical system. An examination of your electrical panel—and potentially your electrical system as a whole—is needed to discover the source of your dead wall switches and outlets.

There Is Visible Damage To The Panel

Damage to your electrical panel can represent a severe weakness in your electrical system and needs to be inspected to ensure your home’s safety. This damage can be in the form of rust, water soaking in or around your panel, and dented or cracked electrical panels.

Rather than ignoring these signs and hoping for the best, an electrical panel inspection can ensure there is no deeper damage that needs to be addressed.

Wires Are Frayed, Damaged Or Spliced

Having visibly frayed, damaged, or spliced wires connected to your electrical panel is a massive no-no. It is essential that you get these issues corrected if you see them.

Part of the problem is—you might not see these particular issues with your electrical panel. However, if you have noticed other DIY or shoddy electrical work around your house, it may be worth it to get your electrical panel inspected just in case.

Electrical Panel Shocks You

An incredibly dangerous sign, if your electrical panel electrically shocks you, it is essential that you have it inspected as soon as possible. It may be that there is simply a loose wire that needs to be corrected, or something internal has become damaged by rodents, corrosion, or some other invisible factor.

Either way, this sign is one you should act on immediately and contact us for an electrical panel inspection to prevent further issues.

HedgeHog Electric Can Do Electrical Panel Inspections

Whether you live in Salt Lake City or down in St George, HedgeHog Electric is the electrical company you want to call. We provide our job bid upfront with no hidden costs, and our electricians are professionally licensed and will keep you updated every step of the way.

If you would like to have your electrical panel inspected, or need other residential electrical services, please contact us today to get our skilled electricians out to your home.

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