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Why Choose Us

When it comes to having your electrical work done, HedgeHog Electric knows you have many options to choose from. But if you want your electrical work done right the first time and want your electricians to be prompt, courteous, and with upfront pricing, then HedgeHog Electric should be your number one choice for electricians.

Why HedgeHog Electric Is Your Source For Utah Electricians

Whether your eye was caught by our funny name or you were referred by a friend, it’s normal to want to learn more about us before you commit to bringing us into your home or business to take care of your electrical work.

To help you see if HedgeHog Electric is the right electrical company for you, here are some of the top reasons why our customers love to work with us.

Experienced, Licensed Electricians

Rather than take a gamble on a handyman who may have no real electrical experience, you can work with our experienced, licensed electricians. By choosing licensed electricians, you are opting to have educated professionals work on your home who have put thousands of hours into practical field experience on top of their education.

Licensed electricians like the ones here at HedgeHog Electric have a firm grasp on local building codes, so you can be sure that your property is up to current standards. Also, with the greater experience our electricians have, you can count on them to be able to recognize potential issues and offer innovative solutions.

Transparent, Upfront Pricing With No Surprise Fees

A big part of the reluctance to hire contractors is the surprise pricing and the lack of transparency overall when it comes to billing. By working with HedgeHog Electric, you can eradicate this issue.

We ensure that you are given our pricing quote upfront before any work begins. Also, for most of our standard services, our electrical technicians will have a binder with our pricing that you can see, to ensure that you are receiving our fair pricing. Also, once you have agreed to the price of a job, you won’t get surprise fees later that you didn’t agree to beforehand.

High-Quality Electrical Work

With our licensed and experienced electricians on staff, you will always receive high-quality electrical work. You won’t have to call later to have the work redone or find that some other area of your home was damaged due to our team. Instead, you can leave your house or commercial building in the hands of our team of electricians, knowing that the work will be done to a high standard of quality.

Always Polite, Courteous, And Communicative

Not all contractors are someone you would normally invite into your home. Our electricians make sure to always present a clean and courteous appearance so that you never feel uncomfortable having our team members work on your property.

HedgeHog Electric also emphasizes communication. There are likely plenty of times where a contractor has given you an unmanageably large window of when they might show up, yet not communicating about when they actually will arrive and sometimes just being a no-show. You won’t have that hassle with HedgeHog Electric electricians.

Our electricians always make contact when they are on their way, and you won’t be left waiting around without any idea whether you will have your electrical work done that day. Also, you can count on all of our electricians to be friendly and polite.

Never Leave A Dirty Jobsite

You should never be responsible for cleaning up after a contractor. Yet, so many will leave their job site a wreck of odds and ends as well as tracked in debris. Well, you never have to worry about that with an electrician from HedgeHog Electric.

Our electricians respect that they have been invited to work in your home or business and always make sure to clean up their work site before leaving.

HedgeHog Electric Is Insured And Warranties Work

As a licensed and insured electrical company, working with HedgeHog Electric removes the risk from your shoulders. Instead, you can feel confident working with our electricians, knowing that you are covered.

Also, speaking of covered, we warranty our electrical work for a full year, just in case something goes wrong.

Areas Of Utah That HedgeHog Electric Serves

As we have been able to help more electrical customers, HedgeHog Electric has grown with offices throughout Utah. If you are looking for an electrician in Utah, our electricians service these areas and their surrounding communities:

If you live in a town surrounding these areas and aren’t sure if our electricians can travel to your area, feel free to contact us to find out for sure.

What HedgeHog Electric Customers Say About Our Work

We know it’s one thing for us to tell you how great HedgeHog Electric is to work with on your electrical needs, but the real challenge is how our customers feel about us. If you are on the fence about whether or not you should work with us, check out what our customers have said about us.

reviews--salt-lake-electricianI have used HedgeHog for years and they have consistently taken excellent care of my clients. However, this last week I had a need for an electrician at my own home. I was blown away at the prompt, professional service. The issue was resolved so fast and the technician was courteous and just so pleasant to work with. When I think about superior customer service now… I think of HedgeHog! – Shauna Jo Larkin

reviews--salt-lake-electricianThis will be my Electrical service company from now on. From the first phone call through the entire service they were professional, prompt, honest about what we did & didn’t need, personable, quick, & did a fantastic job. Ed & his partner were super friendly & knowledgeable, they came right on time, & they gave me a courtesy call before arriving as well. We were completely impressed & will definitely use them again- thanks so much! – Jodie Adams

reviews--salt-lake-electricianWe have used Hedge Hog for multiple small jobs and they are the best electricians we have ever found. They schedule a time to come, the person always shows up when they are supposed to, and they fix whatever needs fixing. After they are done I never think they charge enough. These guys are awesome. – Wade Stevens

reviews--salt-lake-electricianVictor and Jesse, with HedgeHog Electric in St. George, UT, were awesome. They worked well together as a team, did great work and cleaned up their mess when they were done (most contractors do not). I felt like I could talk to them like I knew them for a long time, almost like family; professional and yet personable, willing to explain anything asked. They made the work-space better, cleaner and safer like it should be. Thank you for being one of the best Electrical outfits I have worked with. – Kim Robinson

reviews--salt-lake-electricianI was stressing over an issue in our warehouse and was worried about how much it would cost and how long it would take. Ed came and gave me a quote and it was so much less than I thought it was going to cost. Not only that, but he had the part already and was able to fix the issue in minutes. He was so very friendly and happy. It makes the biggest difference when workers are so professional and kind. I know who I will always call when I need help with electrical. – Whitney Bennett

Choose Utah’s Premier Electricians When You Work With Us

By choosing to work with HedgeHog Electric, you are choosing to bring superior quality electrical services into your home. You have our commitment to providing timely and courteous assistance on top of the high-quality work our licensed and insured electricians.

To work with HedgeHog Electric for all your home and commercial electrical needs, contact us today and start enjoying the best electrician services in Utah.

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