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What’s The Problem? Call Hedgehog Electric For Troubleshooting Assistance

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When you call for electrical help, it’s usually because you need the assistance immediately. So, it can be exceptionally frustrating to find out that there is no one available to help you for days, if not weeks.

Here at HedgeHog Electric, we understand that frustration and the potential safety hazard of having to wait for electrical help. To overcome this, we are proud to provide our customers with our electrical troubleshooting assistance service.

This service allows you to have the help of a licensed electrician on the phone, walking you through your electrical issue. That way, you can resolve the electrical problem in your home and not have to wait for an electrician come to your house.

How HedgeHog Electric’s Troubleshooting Service Works

If you are interested in our electrical troubleshooting service, the process is relatively straightforward.

First, you start by calling into one of our offices. Some of the common issues people call about which can be troubleshot over the phone are outlets that aren’t working or light fixtures flickering. No matter your issue, once you make contact with our office, you will be asked about what you need. Once your needs are determined, our office will put you on hold for a moment so they can find an electrical technician to assist you.

After the electrician jumps on the call, they will discuss your concerns with you and touch on the subject of pricing for the work. They typically won’t schedule a visit to your home on the first call, but will ask these things:

  • “Is there any notes I can leave for my dispatch?”
  • “What’s a good day/time for you?”
  • “Is this number okay to text?”

With this information, they will conclude the call and usually text you that they will be in contact if you have given permission for texting.

During the next call, the electrician will discuss what the next steps to resolve your issue are, whether the problem can be troubleshot over the phone or if having an appointment scheduled is required. At this point, pricing should be laid out, so you don’t have any surprises.

Should troubleshooting be all that is needed, one of our electricians will then walk you through how to check and resolve your electrical problem. If you are curious about how this works in action, one of our satisfied customers had this to say about his experience with our electrical troubleshooting service:

“Two weeks ago, before leaving town for ten days, our garage GFI faulted, would not reset, complicating garage door, freezer, lights, etc.

Called the Hurricane office, referred to technician Aaron. Once in contact, Aaron was swamped working at another residence and didn’t have any openings for two weeks. Via 3 separate phone conversations, while he assisted other customers, Aaron politely and professionally walked me thru the entire process of testing, drying, and wiring the GFI system. It worked!

We greatly appreciate Aaron’s dedication & support. He’s a superb ambassador to Hedgehog Electric.”

When Should You Call For Electrical Troubleshooting Help

As we mentioned, it is common for people to call for our troubleshooting assistance when their outlets aren’t working, or their lights are flickering. However, there are other instances where we can help:

  • Assist in troubleshooting your new installation
  • Walk you through resetting your breakers
  • Help when you become stuck during an electrical install

Whether you need electrical troubleshooting help, solar installation, or other electrical services, HedgeHog Electric is here to help. Be sure to contact us for the best electrical help and customer service in Utah.

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