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What Upgrades Add Value To Your Home?

What Upgrades Add Value To Your Home
Only a small subsection of house hunters are looking for a fixer-upper home. Most potential homeowners are looking for welcoming, attractive homes that they can immediately imagine themselves in when viewing the house. But as the seller, you don’t want to make upgrades that don’t add more value than you spend on the improvement.

To help you pick out the right upgrades that will add value for less cost, you can count on your local electricians for advice regarding updating light fixtures to sprucing up your landscaping.

1. Make Smart Technology Upgrades

There are several smart technology upgrades that can add a good deal of value to your home, both for your own comfort as well as appealing to potential buyers. Tech like smart thermostats, smart doorbells, and smart security systems are ideal upgrades that can highly appeal to homebuyers.

If you don’t feel quite up to the task of installing a new smart thermostat or other smart home tech, we offer residential electrical services that include smart upgrades. That way, you don’t have to worry about figuring out what to connect, if you need extra wiring run, or anything else.

2. Finish The Basement

Finishing your home’s basement can add significant value to your home, as it adds a great deal of usable space. Depending on what stage of finishing your basement is in, you may have to invest more time and money into finishing it. If your basement is completely unfinished, you may not want to invest in it unless you will be living in the house for a couple more years.

Should your basement be completely unfinished with no wiring, you can utilize our residential basement wiring services to take care of the wiring before adding installation and drywall. We can also do wiring on finished basements if you find that there are issues with your current wiring.

3. Install A Water Filtration System

Rather than fiddle with water filtration pitchers in the fridge or hooked up to your kitchen sink, you can have a water filtration system installed. Much of Utah’s water carries a high mineral content, which can leave an off taste and can damage washing machines as well as clothing.

So, by having a water filtration system, you can enjoy clear water without the hassle of smaller filtering systems.

4. Touch Up Paint Around The House

While living in your home, the walls have likely taken on a lived-in look—child handprints here and there, dents, nicks, scrapes, and more. To clean these up, you can touch them up with a fresh coat of paint.

Also, it is best if you don’t spot paint. As paint fades, you will have a clearly newer spot of paint on faded paint. Instead, it is best to repaint the entire wall that needs a touch-up, as it presents a more cohesive appearance.

5. Upgrade Lighting In Dim Rooms

Many homes are manufactured with minimal lighting. Some older homes don’t even have a central ceiling light, leaving you to rely on a collection of lamps and natural lighting. For your own comfort, as well as to add value, adding lighting to dim rooms can make them far more usable.

For instance, say you have a comfortable den, but there is only a small two-bulb light. Aside from movie watching, it probably isn’t a relaxing place, as it would be hard to read or even chat with guests, as it is poorly-lit. Upgrading to a better fixture, having more lighting installed, or swapping to bright LED bulbs can all help make your darker rooms be more inviting.

6. Tackle Curb Appeal

First impressions are critical, so it’s time to take a hard look at your landscaping, particularly at the front of your house. Is the lawn overgrown? Maybe it’s a little empty and textureless, and the garage door could definitely stand to be power washed?

Even if you prefer a more minimalist approach to your landscaping, tidiness is key. Adding a couple of pots of flowers on your porch with a well-maintained lawn can present a pulled-together look.

7. Improve Outlets And Add Where Needed

Homes with cracked, broken, or two-prong outlets can be a concern for homebuyers. As the outlets are one of the most visible indicators of the home’s electrical system—aside from your light fixtures—having unappealing outlets can be a red flag.

This improvement can be as simple as having new three-prong outlets installed by our electricians. You can also upgrade your existing outlets with smart outlets, put GFCI outlets in wet rooms, and have USB charging outlets installed. Also, in rooms where there are only one or two outlets, you can have our electricians install new outlets to increase convenience.

8. Jazz Up Window Treatments

Rather than replace your windows—which can be incredibly expensive—you can update your windows by addressing their window treatments. Things like ratty or yellow blinds or completely bare windows can be off-putting to potential homeowners.

Replace these old window treatments with new window treatments that can be as simple as new replacements for a fresh look, or upgrade to faux wood blinds, simple sheer curtains—to prevent light being blocked—or shades.

9. Update Light Fixtures

The style of light fixtures in your home can make an impact on potential homebuyers. For instance, a simple flush mount dining room light can make a room look dated and bland. Instead, a modern chandelier not only provides more lighting but also can bring an updated feel to the entire room.

Not all of your light fixtures have to be changed. Some key areas are the dining room, kitchen, and bathrooms, where lighting is critical for comfortable usage. However, the more light fixtures you upgrade, the more harmonious they will be with the other fixtures in the house.

For a consultation regarding your home’s electrical upgrades, feel free to contact us today for an appointment with our electricians.

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