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What To Expect

When you are looking for the best electrical services to have work done on your home or place of business, it can help to know what the process looks like for the electricians you are considering hiring.

Here at HedgeHog Electric, we emphasize providing high-quality electrical services in a prompt and courteous fashion. So, whether you are contacting us for electrical help with your private residence or your commercial building, you can depend on our electricians to provide excellent services.

What To Expect From HedgeHog Electric Residential Process

As our electricians are qualified to work on a wide array of electrical services from replacing outlets to installing solar panels, the exact process of how our electricians’ work can vary from job-to-job. However, the HedgeHog Electric process generally follows these steps:

  1. You contact HedgeHog Electric. Most of our residential customers contact us by phone, and that call will be taken by one of our associates, who will ask for brief information on what you need and your contact information before placing you on hold for a minute.
  2. A service dispatcher will be connected with you. They will discuss more about what you need to be done on you home, so we can be sure to send you the best electrical technician for the job to your home. Also, service dispatch will also present tentative pricing at this point. HedgeHog Electric does not charge hourly; instead, we charge a flat-rate fee for our services.
  3. Our service dispatch will set up an appointment when our electrician will be by your home, and we do our best to try and ensure that you receive either same-day or next-day electrical service.
  4. On the day of your appointment, our service dispatch will contact you 15-30 minutes in advance of our electrician’s arrival to both confirm the appointment and keep from leaving you waiting around all day. You will receive a photo of the technician coming to your home, so you will be able to recognize them.
  5. As we do our best to provide our electricians with the tools and parts they will likely need, our electrician should be able to come in and assess your electrical needs. At this point, our on-site technician should be able to provide you with a bid on the work. Our electrical technicians carry a pricing book, so you can enjoy transparent pricing.
  6. Should you accept our bid, our electrician will start immediately working on your electrical issue. If there is a rare problem beyond what our technician has on hand, they will order material and set up another appointment.
  7. Once the work is complete and our electrician has cleaned up any mess that has resulted from their work, generally, residential customers will pay for services rendered before our electrician leaves.
  8. After the appointment is completed, our electrical technician will send you an invitation to review the services provided. We greatly appreciate reviews from our customers as it helps more people learn about the excellent services we provide.
  9. Finally, our service dispatch will give you a follow-up call anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour after the service is completed. This phone call is to help ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our work.

What To Expect From HedgeHog Electric Commercial Process

While the quality of service is the same, the process our commercial electrical customers follow is somewhat different than that of our residential customers. Generally, the HedgeHog Electric commercial customer process is as follows:

  1. Usually, our commercial electrical customers contact us via email. In these emails, most customers discuss what services they need to be performed, go over what their deadlines are, and other key details that pertain to the desired electrical work.
  2. Once this information has been reviewed, we may request further information. After the needed information is gathered, our estimating department will put together a bid and send it to the contacting commercial customer.
  3. When the bid is accepted, our service dispatch will call the commercial customer and coordinate with the project lead. That way, our electricians can start the job to reach the set deadline.

HedgeHog Electric Frequently Asked Questions

Along with what to expect from our electrical work process, there are many frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we have encountered over our years of service. To help you when you are considering contacting us for services, here are our electrical FAQs.

  • What type of electrical work does HedgeHog Electric do?

We offer a wide array of electrical services for your business or home, as long as it concerns the permanent structure of your home. These services include general electrical work, wiring, lighting, and electrical installations for both residential and commercial customers. Feel free to look at the specific services pages to learn more or contact us about your future electrical project.

  • What is your hourly rate?

HedgeHog Electric does not offer an hourly rate. Instead, we provide flat-rate pricing rather than charging by the hour. That way, the price of your electrical work is upfront, and you can know exactly what price you agreeing to before our electricians get started. With this type of transparent pricing, you can feel confident in using our electrical services.

  • Do you work on electronics or appliances?

Our electrical technicians are not licensed to work on electronics and appliances. But we can fix any electrical system that is permanent to the building.

  • Are your electrical estimates free?

As HedgeHog Electric is a service company, we have a $99 minimum for an on-site service call. In most cases, we are unable to provide a quote without having a technician onsite. If you are requesting an estimate, we charge the standard service call minimum, but it is applied to any of the work that we do and is not an additional charge.

  • What should I do if I lose power?

In most cases, if you have lost power, most of your neighborhood has as well. If that is not the case, you can always contact HedgeHog Electric and have our electricians diagnosis the issue.

  • How long do your electrical repairs take to do?

Most of our electrical repair work is able to be completed in one day after a single appointment. However, if the work is complicated or requires permits, approval, and other things, electrical repair work can take longer.

  • Is my electrical issue an emergency?

If you can see or hear arcing or sparking noises and smell burning, you should shut down all power and call 911. If you hear arcing or sparking from a specific device—switch, outlet, light, etc.—when using that device, discontinue use and contact us for help.

To have our licensed and trained electrical technicians work on your home or building’s electrical system, contact us today!

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