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Top 9 Reasons To Call An Electrician


It can be tough to know when it’s time to call in a HedgeHog Electric electrician, especially if everything looks fine to your eyes. To help you identify when it’s time to call for one of our licensed electricians, below are the top 9 situations where you will need an electrician’s help.

1. Outlets Are Overloaded

Your average residential outlet has room for two things to be plugged in, though some modern outlets are designed with a bit more room. But many people tend to use plug extenders until they can plug 6 or more things into a single wall socket.

When outlets are overloaded, it makes the electrical system work beyond its capacity, which presents a fire hazard. Instead of stressing your current system, one of our electricians can work with you to determine where additional circuits and outlets can be installed to meet your electrical needs.

2. Too Many “Permanent” Extension Cords

Extension cords should be temporary measures, but too often they become permanent fixtures in a home. Not only can extension cords present a fire hazard, but they can be a significant tripping problem.

Much like with overloaded outlets, when you need to run extension cords, it is generally because you don’t have outlets where you need them. This problem is fairly common in older homes, and our electricians can work with you to place new outlets so you can put the extension cords away.

3. Switches And Outlets Are Warm Or Shocking

Outlets and switches should not be warm to the touch or give a mild shock when you touch them. If it is an outlet which is warm, it can mean that it is overloaded and needs to have less of a power draw on it. As for mild electrical shocks from either a switch or outlet, this issue can indicate a wiring issue such as old wiring, and it is best to call for one of our electricians to investigate.

4. Fuses Blow Or Circuits Trip Often

If you often have your fuses blow or circuit breakers are tripped regularly, this is a strong indicator that your current system is drawing more power than can be safely provided. Potentially, there also may be a fault in one or more of the circuits, both problems which require an electrician to solve safely.

5. Two-Prong Outlets

Not only are two-prong outlets a bit annoying when you have a three-pronged plug but they are can signal that your home’s electrical system is not completely grounded. Older homes tend to have this problem, and it is essential to have one of our electricians ensure your home’s wiring is up to modern safety code.

6. Lights Dim And Flicker

When motorized appliances such as AC units and hair dryers are used, your lights should not be dimming or flickering. These types of appliances present a significant power draw, but your circuits should be able to support it. However, if you see flickering and/or dimming lights when turning on an appliance, the addition of a 20-amp line by one of our electricians can solve the issue.

7. Rust Around Main Service Panel

Should you notice rust on or around your home’s main service panel, it is a pretty clear sign that there is something seriously wrong. Also, while rust is the clearest indicator, try and catch it before it reaches that stage. Often, the first real sign of deterioration is that moisture will build up. Either way, it’s time to call HedgeHog Electric.

8. No GFCI Outlets In Wet Rooms

Rooms which are expected to take some water such as kitchens and bathrooms should be outfitted with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets. These outlets will shut off the electricity that the outlet receives if it senses an overload, helping protect you from shocks. If your wet rooms don’t have GFCI outlets, then it’s time to give us a call.

9. Home Is Over 25 Years Old

The housing code is being continually updated to make homes safer. If your home is over 25-30 years old, it may have older wiring which needs replacing or older-style wall units which need to be swapped out for improved safety and power delivery.

If your home has one or more of these issues, then it’s time to contact us and see how we can help you protect your home.

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