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Top 5 Benefits Of Solar Energy

Switching to solar energy has many benefits for both homeowners and businesses. These benefits can range from cost-cutting to improving the value of your property.

If you have been on the fence about whether or not you should make the switch to solar energy, HedgeHog Electric wants to tell you all about the five of the top reasons to commit to renewable solar energy.

1. Reduce Or Completely Eliminate Energy Bills

Both homeowners and businesses have experienced shocking energy bills and wondered what they could have done to prevent the pricey bill. Well, solar energy may be the answer you are looking for your energy bill troubles.

With the use of solar panels, you can drastically reduce your energy bills, as the panels will collect the free sunlight to provide you with the power you need. In fact, not only can you reduce your energy bill and potentially eliminate it, you may even be credited for the surplus energy your solar power system generates.

At this time, Utah power companies are required to offer net metering to solar energy owners, which allows you to have your solar energy to be hooked up to the public utility power grid. If you have surplus energy to feed into the grid, your power bill can be credited. That way, if there are times where you need to draw on your local utility grid—like after a few cloudy days—your surplus energy will cover the costs.

As our electricians perform solar panel installation, this benefit is one of the most common reasons cited by our clients.

2. Assist With Summer Heat Regulation

A surprising benefit of solar energy has more to do with how the panels are positioned. See, as the solar panels are installed onto your roof, they can actually block and absorb the sunlight that beats down on your home during the summer.

So, instead of wasting that sunlight on your home and heating everything up, you can have the sun captured by the solar panels, and they can help insulate your home from some of the heat of summer.

For Southern Utah residents, particularly in sunny St. George and the surrounding towns, this benefit should be doubly welcome, as there are usually over 300 days of sun in that area of the state. Instead of wasting that sunlight, and racking up huge AC bills to try to cool your home, solar energy can do more of the work for you.

3. Become More Eco-Friendly

At this time, the majority of our power comes from non-renewable energy sources. Opting for this power source put a time limit on how long we can keep powering our homes, businesses, and pretty much everything.

Also, as one of our main fuel sources are fossil fuels, our current power creates pollutants that harm our environment. Operations on the company scale are particularly prone to creating a great deal of power-related pollution as they require more energy to power their activities.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and be more environmentally-friendly, then solar power is the answer. It simply gathers the radiant energy of the sun, and if you have excess power, you can help provide clean power to others connected to your local grid.

4. Receive Tax Credits and Deductions

There are a number of federal tax credits and benefits for homeowners and businesses who opt to install solar energy, along with Utah-specific tax breaks. Some of the best tax benefits are:

  • Investment Tax Credit
  • Renewable Residential/Commercial Energy Systems Credit
  • Production Tax Credit

Be sure to talk to your tax advisor about the specific application of these benefits to your taxes if this is one of the main reasons you are interested in renewable solar energy.

5. Improve Home Resale Value With Renewable Energy

While you may not be planning to sell your home in the next couple of years, installing solar panels can raise the eventual resale value of your home.

Unlike other upgrades, like kitchen and bathroom remodels which can be subject to taste and inclination, no one can argue with the value of renewable energy. Also, potential buyers can be enticed since they can move into a home with an active solar energy system they didn’t have to buy and install. You may also want to show them how much it has saved you in energy to help during negotiation.

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If you are ready to enjoy the many benefits of solar energy, contact us to start the process of outfitting your home or business with solar panels!

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