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Some Of The Best Smart Products For Your Home

Some Of The Best Smart Products For Your Home
There are so many exciting and helpful gadgets that can assist in streamlining your life and improve your home. From using smart assistants like Google Home, Alexis, to order your groceries to control your thermostat from your smartphone, the options are continuing to expand.

If you are a homeowner, there are a number of smart products that have been particularly designed to make your house safer and more efficient. As your friendly, local electricians, we want to tell you about the best ones that can help you improve your home.

Save Electricity With A Smart Power Strip

Smart Power Strip
Okay, we normally aren’t a big fan of power strips. Often, they mean that your home needs more outlets installed, as an outlet can safely regulate power flow through your home. However, many smart power strips allow you to check your electrical draw and are often designed for economical electrical use.

Another benefit of smart power strips is that they often come with USB charging ports as well as regular three-prong charging options. That way, you can charge up your smart devices without taking up a normal spot—especially since many chargers cover more than one spot. But, if you find you need smart power strips in every room, it may be time to think about having more outlets installed.

Improve Home Security With Smart Home Security Cameras

Smart Home Security Cameras
Another smart product that is gaining popularity among homeowners everywhere is smart home security cameras. Whether you want to check on your home while away on vacation or want to see what critter has been getting into your garbage bins, having a smart home security system means you can check on your house both in real-time and past recordings. Each smart home security system has its own protocols about how long recordings last, though most are cloud-based now and can be easily accessed.

Some of the smart home security cameras are simple to set up and don’t require any special installation. However, if you need your smart security system professionally installed, you can utilize our installation services to have your system set up. After the installation, our electricians can teach you how to use your new system and help answer what questions you may have.

Control Your House With A Smart Thermostat

House Control with Smart Thermostat
A significant contributor to excess electrical use is forgotten heating and cooling. Most of the time, you can remember to either turn off the heating/cooling before leaving the house for the day, but sometimes, you come home to a climate-controlled house that no one needed. Instead of second-guessing yourself about your heating and cooling, you can have a smart thermostat.

Not only can you check on your home’s temperature during the day, but you can adjust it from your smartphone. Say, for instance, that you turned off the AC when you left for the day, but you noticed it was really heating up, and you were concerned for your dog at home.

With your smartphone, you can easily adjust the smart thermostat to a more comfortable setting. Also, some types of smart thermostats can be tied in with other smart systems, like your lighting and security system, making everything that much easier to manage.

Easily Lock Up By Using Smart Door Locks

Smart Door Locks
No one wants to get locked out of their house or coordinate a key trade-off. Also, there is always that lingering concern as you drive away from the house, “Did I lock the door?” Well, with smart locks, you can revolutionize how you deal with your home’s door locks.

Smart locks can come with keypads as well as the ability to access the lock from your phone. These keypads can be set with a one-time generated code to open the door for a friend, or for those who have housesitters or run vacation rentals, limited door codes can be set up for easy guest access—all without bothering with keys.

For the regular homeowner, you can look on your phone to check if any of the smart door locks are unlocked, and many can be tied to a compatible security system.

Check Before You Open The Door With A Smart Doorbell

Smart Doorbell
Smart doorbells are a great way to keep an eye on your front entryway. With online ordering becoming more and more common, it’s a great way to check if the package you’ve been waiting on has arrived or to catch a porch pirate in the act. Also, smart doorbells can be a good way to screen who is knocking on your door.

Some smart doorbells can be mounted easily, while others may require more extensive installation. If you need our electricians to install your smart doorbell, not only will they install your new doorbell, but they will help you pair it with your home’s WiFi and phone, as well as assisting you in learning how to use your new device.

Protect Your Home With Smart Smoke Alarms

Protect Home with Smart Smoke Alarms
Unlike traditional smoke alarms, you never have to guess if a smart smoke alarm is working. A quick check on your phone and you can see if there are any of your smoke alarms is reporting an issue.

Also, smart smoke alarms are generally programmed to detect carbon monoxide build up as well as smoke, so you and your family are better protected. And, when it comes to installing your new smoke alarms, you can depend on us to get the job done right.

Have Smart Lighting Installed

Smart Lighting
A fun and playful addition you can add to your home is smart lighting. The most common option when it comes to smart lighting is to invest in smart light bulbs. These LED bulbs allow you to take fine control over them, from changing the brightness to altering the color, setting timers, and more. Some smart bulbs have a full-color spectrum, while others focus on providing different shades of natural light.

Smart lights can be connected to smart assistants and controlled by voice commands, or you can control these lights from your smartphone. If you are looking to improve the lighting in your home and need more fixtures along with smart light bulbs, our electricians can make recommendations and ensure that your wiring is up for new lighting.

Lighten Your Workload With A Smart Vacuum

Lighten Workload with Smart Vacuum
To round out our smart product recommendations, let’s talk about smart vacuums. While Roomba is the brand that most people know, there are a lot of smart floor vacuum manufacturers that you can choose from. These little vacuums have gotten better over the years and can be great assistants to stay on top of the dust, hair, and random debris that happen in a normal home.

With a smart vacuum, you can have it map your home and remember how to avoid getting stuck. The vacuum also can send you alerts when it is full, needs help, or other information, depending on the one you get.

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