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Well Pumps & Irrigation

Whether you’re watering your front lawn, a soccer field, landscaped grounds, or a field of crops, HedgeHog Electric can help you install the pumps, timers, and other components for your irrigation system. From timed sprinklers for residential and commercial landscapes to motorized pivot lines for agricultural fields, our electricians can install and set up the systems to provide the right amount of water at the right times.

We also service and maintain this equipment to keep it working efficiently and safely. This maintenance can be done on a seasonal basis to update settings for the changing weather. Or we are happy to come troubleshoot problems at any time.

We can also install, maintain, and repair well pumps for drinking water or irrigation. Well pumps are used by homes, business, and agriculture to pull water up from a well or other underground source. They can be used to replace or supplement water coming from a city or county water system.

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