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Renewable Energy

windmills and solar panelsRenewable energy can increase building efficiency, lower costs, and preserve the environment for a better future.  On-site renewable energy systems can be incorporated into new residential and commercial buildings or be added to existing buildings.

Renewable energy can take many forms.  From windmills that feature prominently in a site design to unobtrusive solar panels that blend in to the roof, there are many options to choose from. It can be used for energy production building-wide or to power specific projects or components of a building.  It can be used to supplement electricity from traditional power companies or to create a stand-alone energy source.

In addition to the cost savings from using more efficient and renewable forms of energy, many states and cities offer additional incentives for homes and businesses that use renewable energy.  There are also tax deductions, credits, and other rewards available.

Installing renewable energy can not only save you money in decreased energy costs, but also add value to your home, store, school, or place of business.  With every investment into energy savings or efficiency, the value of your property increases greatly, making it not only more pleasant and affordable while you use it, but also giving the added benefit of a higher sale price when it’s time to leave.

HedgeHog Electric has the knowledge and skill to help you find the right renewable energy solution for your situation.  We will also work with your city and local officials to obtain the required permits and permissions to install and use the renewable energy.

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