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Lighting Retrofits

well-lit entranceLighting accounts for more than 70% of all retrofits and remodels nationwide.  And for good reason.  Upgrading your lighting can not only improve the look and efficiency of your home or workplace, but can also provide significant cost savings.

Many families and businesses recover the cost of a lighting retrofit in just a few years from energy savings alone.  And if that isn’t enough incentive, there are also federal, state, and local tax deductions and rebate programs that can save you even more money. Energy-efficient lighting systems not only use less energy on an ongoing basis, but the products also last longer than older lighting, which means you won’t have to pay for new fixtures or components for a very long time.

HedgeHog’s knowledgeable electricians will work with you to find the right lighting solutions to help your home or business save money and look great.  We can install LED, fluorescent, and specialty fixtures to help you drastically cut energy consumption, creating big savings for your wallet and a better future for your children.

Whether you’re replacing lights in your home or throughout a retail store, school, or factory, we can help you determine which components in your system should be upgraded or replaced to provide you the maximum benefit in lighting and savings.  For Utah lighting retrofits, w e have locations for Residential and Commercial lighting retrofits in Salt Lake City  and southern Utah.  We are  licensed for residential and commercial projects in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Wyoming.

In partnership with Energy Saving Solutions, we offer an LED retrofit for no upfront costs, and a 15 year warranty.

Call for an assessment for a retrofit to efficiency and save on your monthly power bill.

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