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Security Lights Can Help You Feel Safe and Secure

Security Lights Can Help You Feel Safe and Secure
There are plenty of outdoor lighting options, from adding attractive landscaping lights to your yard to installing lights in your pool. By far, the most immediately useful type of outdoor lighting is security lighting.

With security lights, you can feel more confident that no one—as well as no animals—can come up to your home in the dark without you being alerted. And this benefit is just one of many that you can enjoy when you have our electricians here at HedgeHog Electric professionally install your security lights.

Benefits Of Outdoor Security Lights

Along with the ability to simply light up the night, there are a number of helpful benefits you can enjoy when you have security lighting to help secure your home.

Easy night light – Ever needed to take the trash out at night or left your phone in your car, which is parked at the curb? Pretty much everyone has, and without a security light, the short trip outside to take care of these tasks can be a little dangerous—no one wants to go to the ER for tripping on their own steps and breaking an ankle. But with a security light, you can easily illuminate the night for that quick jaunt outside.

Ward off intruders – To help ward off particularly invasive neighborhood raccons or other intruders, security lights can be especially helpful. For one thing, having bright motion sensor lights turn on can effectively ruin an intruder’s night vision, and for another, many of these intruders do not want to attempt a home that looks occupied. Pair that with the fact that many homes have security systems as well as camera doorbells or cameras in the security light itself, and your average intruder will not want to try their luck.

Energy-efficient security – By choosing LED bulbs for your security lighting, you can enjoy the benefits of having this type of lighting without paying much for the electricity to run the system.

Increases safety – Along with the other ways a security light can increase your safety, it is also helpful when you arrive at home after dark. With security lighting, you can pull up to your home and have the light on so that you can navigate your way safely to your door, and ensure there is nothing that might obstruct you, like a cranky wild possum.

Can be a stylish addition – Older styles of security lights leaned to a more industrial and commercial look, which was not as attractive on a residence. However, you can now order more attractive security lighting options that can help protect your home without disrupting your aesthetic.

When you take advantage of our lighting services, you can enjoy all these benefits and the added knowledge that your security lights have been installed by licensed professionals.

Options For Controlling Security Lights

There are several options for controlling your security lights. Which system you choose will often depend on your preferences and budget.

  • Manual control – Your security lights can be as simple as turning a switch on and off. This style of control does mean you or someone in your household needs to be home to operate it, which can be a drawback.
  • Timers – Instead of you controlling the system directly, you can set timers to turn on your security lighting and when to turn it off again. This system will leave your lighting on all night, which may not be a popular choice with your neighbors.
  • Motion sensor – Often, the most popular way to control security lights is to have them paired with a motion sensor. These light kits are generally sold together, so once your security light is mounted and connected to your electrical system, so is the motion sensor.
  • Remote control – Similar to the manual control, you can also have remote controlled security lights installed. Depending on the level of tech, there may just be a separate remote you use, or you can use your smartphone. The security lights that have associated apps are often the ones that include a security camera in the lighting system.

Where Should You Put Your Security Lighting

In general, you should have security lighting at the entrances of your home, such as the garage and back door. As these are the main points of entry to your home, it makes sense to have your security lighting cover these areas. However, depending on your home and needs, our electricians can help you determine the best position for your lights.

To have our licensed electricians’ assistance in installing your new security lights—from consultations regarding the light, position, running wires, and more—please contact us for a consultation today!

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