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Phone & TV Wiring

When it comes to having your standard cable or phone installer take care of your telephone or wiring needs, often you can receive substandard work. Most installation technicians aren’t given much training beyond their basic duties, leaving you with wires in odd or inconvenient places.

With the wiring services that our licensed electricians at HedgeHog Electric can provide, you can enjoy our optimized, professional services and not mess around with inconvenient wiring again.

Residential Phone & TV Wiring

When it comes to our residential electrical services, taking care of phone and TV wiring is an important aspect. For homes with landlines, having a phone jack moved and the wiring secured can be a great way to remove a hazard. As for the TV wiring, often the original jack is placed in a way that doesn’t make much sense and requires our electricians to move and set up the TV wiring properly for your enjoyment.

Before any work is done, our electricians will be sure to go over your requests multiple times and confirm your plan of action. That way, the work is completed correctly the first time.

Commercial Telephone & TV Wiring

Along with our diverse commercial electrical services, HedgeHog Electric also provides commercial telephone and TV wiring, as well as other business wiring needs. Depending on your business size and sector, you may need wiring for things ranging to in-office phones, telecom systems, TV wiring for both training and in-store ads.

Whether you have minimal commercial phone and TV wiring needs or extensive requirements, you can count on our electricians to get the job done. We will work with you on the general placement of phone jacks, cables, and determine what will work to optimize your workflow.

Why Have An Electrician Do Your Phone & TV Wiring

It is possible to just have your telephone and TV wiring done by the basic installation technicians that many companies send at the start of services. Yet, these services are often not aimed at optimization and instead are focused on how many clients can be taken care of in a day.

Instead of being just another number, you can have a licensed and experienced electrician take care of your phone and TV wiring. Other reasons why you should choose to have an electrician perform your telephone and TV wiring are:

Technical Expertise

Often, the on-the-job training that is provided to installation techs is barebones. That means they will generally take the path of least resistance to wire your home with the services you requested. We have seen some odd placements for cable TV connections and inconveniently placed phone jacks.

So, if you don’t want to just make do with whatever hole that your wiring was run through, you can work with our electricians to enjoy the technical expertise that will help move your wires to more sensible positions.

Superior Cable Management

The cables to the phone, TV, and other electronics can quickly turn into a rats nest that gathers dust, harbors pests, and represents a trip hazard. Rather than leaving a mess in place, our electricians provide superior cable management so that you are left with a messy pile of wires after our work is done.

Circuit Additions

When you have things like phones, TVs, and other things added to a circuit, it can become overloaded, causing the circuit breaker to trip frequently. However, this doesn’t have to be an issue with a professional electrician working on your installation.

Prior to starting the work, our electricians will assess if your current circuits are up to having more electronics added into the system. If not, they will recommend an additional dedicated circuit being ran. You will know the relevant information before the job begins so that you can agree or disagree with the additional costs, as we don’t believe in surprising clients with unexpected fees.

Flexible Wiring Assistance

Installers often have to make do with whatever equipment is assigned to them by their company. But when you opt to work with HedgeHog Electric electricians, we always ensure that we have the wiring and equipment the job requires.

This flexibility can greatly impact the quality of your wiring setup. Rather than dealing with too long or too short cables or insufficiently powerful wiring, our electricians will tailor their tools to what the job requires to be properly finished.

HedgeHog Electric Is Here For All Your Wiring Needs

HedgeHog Electric is proud to serve our communities in both Northern Utah and Southern Utah, offering a wide range of residential and commercial electrical services. We have earned a reputation for being timely and courteous as well as highly professional electricians, and our many pleased customers can attest to our commitment to getting the job done right.

Also, if you decide that you would like to work with us, you will know exactly how much your electrical work will cost before the job begins, with no surprises added on afterward.

If you are ready to have your phone and TV wiring needs taken care of by the pros, contact us to set up your consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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