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Outlet Installation

An installation service that can help optimize your home is outlet installation. From having new outlets placed so that you don’t need a million extension cords to updating old outlets, there are plenty of reasons why you may need professional outlet installation services performed by HedgeHog Electric.

When Should You Consider Outlet Installation

Most people take their homes’ outlets for granted, and unless something goes wrong, outlets often go years without any updating or new installation. If you aren’t sure you need an outlet installation, here are some of the most common instances that our electricians perform outlet installation.

Replacing Old Or Damaged Outlets

Old or damaged outlets can represent a serious risk to your home’s safety. With an older outlet—like a two-prong outlet—there is no ground that helps redirect excess electricity away. Without a ground, there is a higher potential for an electrical fire.

As for a damaged outlet, whether it is chipped or has scorch marks, the potential for an electrical fire is even higher since there is already a weakness in the outlet. So, if you have an outlet with signs of damage, it is time to replace.

Adding Outlets

Plenty of homes have a bare minimum of outlets built-in, making it a bit inconvenient when you are trying to set up your entertainment system, computers, and other electronics.

However, adding power strips and extension cords aren’t a safe way to compensate for a lack of outlets. With power strips, you can overload a circuit and cause it to shut down the power to that area of your home. And, if you run extension cords, they can be significant trip hazards. Instead of running these risks, you can have additional outlets installed by our electricians.

Moving Outlets To A New Spot

Whether you want an outlet moved to hide a mounted TV cord or you want your outlets to be in a better position for your home’s room layout, our electricians can help. Rather than needing to work around inconveniently placed outlets, you can have your outlets moved to accommodate what you need.

Types Of Outlets Available For Installation

When you decide to use our residential electrical services to have new outlets installed, there are different outlets you can choose from. While there are specialized outlets that may be recommended depending on what you need, below are the most commonly available outlets available for installation.

Standard Three-Prong Outlet

Standard for homes is the three-prong outlet. This type of outlet provides greater safety for homeowners, as it comes with the two current-conducting prongs and a grounding prong to safely dispense excess electricity. Most of the other types of outlets we are going to discuss are a variation on this type of outlet.

20A Outlet

While your standard outlets generally carry 15 amps, a 20A outlet will carry up to 20 amps. With a greater electrical load available, it is easier to power things like table saws and other power tools. Generally, these outlets are found in commercial buildings and garages. You can easily identify them as one of the prongs generally has a horizontal notch.

High-Voltage Outlet

For your larger appliances, high-voltage outlets that carry 120-420 volts are needed. These outlets can take on a variety of appearances, with some older ones being three-prong and newer, up-to-code outlets which have four prongs. These outlets are usually used to power high electrical draw appliances like ovens, dryers, and washers.

GFCI Outlet

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet is a type of three-prong outlet that is designed to help prevent electrical shocks, particularly in rooms that often get wet or humid. There are two little buttons on a GFCI outlet—labeled “test” and “reset” respectively—and the test button will pop out and cut off the electricity to the outlet if the electrical current becomes too strong or moves off the intended path.

As this type of outlet is generally found in bathrooms and kitchens, GFCI outlets can play a large role in protecting you from dangerous electrical shocks.

AFCI Outlet

An arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) outlet is similar to a GFCI outlet, as an AFCI outlet also comes with a shut-off mechanism. However, an AFCI outlet is focused on preventing electrical fires. If there is a damaged or loose wire, they can begin to overheat and spark, which can easily lead to electrical fires. With an AFCI outlet, once this type of danger is detected, it shuts off power to the outlet.

Switched Outlet

With a switched outlet, there is generally only one outlet and a switch, though there can be two outlets with a switch. By having a switch installed with your outlet, you can shut off power to that specific outlet. However, not all electrical systems are compatible with switched outlets.

USB Outlet

In addition to a standard three-prong outlet, there can be USB ports built into the outlet. These are an excellent addition to a normal outlet, as it allows you to charge a low-voltage USB device without taking up one of the dedicated pronged outlet spots.

Smart Outlet

Smart outlets may not always come with USB ports, but they do all have the ability to be controlled with a compatible smartphone. With your smartphone, you can cut down on electricity usage, schedule appliances to turn on or off, and optimize your home overall.

Tamper-Resistant Outlet

An excellent type of outlet to have when you have young children, a tamper-resistant outlet comes with shutters built into your standard three-prong outlet. To help prevent curious little ones from inserting improper objects, a tamper-resistant outlet will only open its shutters if all three prongs are inserted at the same time.

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