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Open Area Occupancy Sensors

baylightingoccupancy-sensorsIncrease lighting efficiency by as much as 40% using fixture-mounted occupancy sensors.

These sensors attach directly to each light fixture to bring automated control. Only fixtures that need to be on at any given time are energized. When one fixture’s sensor detects motion (occupancy) the light is turned on, while other light fixtures can remain turned off.

Coupled with daylight harvesting technology, occupancy sensors further improve efficiency in a facility: As daylight levels begin to dim, the sensors activate the lighting only when a low-light area is occupied.

Although exact energy savings vary by application, RMP is offering to cover a portion of the costs of the purchase and installation of these sensors as its way of demonstrating that the devices are well worth the investment. With this kind of offer by Rocky Mountain Power, there’s no downside.


  • Indoor use
  • Compatible with incandescent lighting, fluorescent, HID, and motor loads
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Storage areas

Other considerations:

 -These devices can be set for a desired run time which can be determined or changed at any time. The default run time is 10 minutes

 The devices carry a 5 year warranty

 RMP efficient lighting incentive:

As a Rocky Mountain Trade Ally Hedgehog Electric is trained and equipped to take our customers from concept and design to installation according to the Rocky Mountain Power guidelines so as to make our customers eligible for the largest RMP incentives possible.

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