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Lighting Your Home

The use of light can make or break the overall appearance of a room. By knowing the basic types of lighting and understanding how they work together, you can create a lighting plan that balances function with the creation of the perfect mood and atmosphere.

The three basic types of lighting are ambient, task, and accent. Each one has a specific function and you may choose to use each of them in different rooms throughout your home.

Ambient lighting is the general lighting for the room – the light that gives overall illumination. This is the light that allows you to see what is in the room and to travel safely around any furniture or objects. Since the ambient light works to flatten the interior of the room, it should radiate at a comfortable level of brightness and not emit any sort of glare. The most common sources of ambient lighting are ceiling or wall fixtures, chandeliers, and recessed lighting.

Task lighting is the more specific, focused lighting that allows you to perform your usual functions in a room – reading, cooking, grooming or other day-to-day activities. Task lighting should enhance visual clarity, so it should always be bright enough to prevent eyestrain while also being glare and shadow free. The most common sources of task lighting are portable lamps, recessed and track lighting, and pendant lighting.

Accent lighting is the final touch that works to create visual interest. Accent lighting is a directional light that draws a visitor’s eye to interesting architectural or design details (such as brick walls or window treatments) or to specific decorations in the room (such as paintings, plants, or prized possessions). It can also be used to focus a visitor’s eye away from certain areas (such as exposed ductwork or other functional but unattractive features). In order to be effective, accent lighting must be highly focused and emit a stronger light or energy than the overall ambient lighting. The most common sources of accent lighting are track or recessed lighting and wall-mounted picture lights.

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