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Lighting Upgrades for Commercial Buildings

According to the National Lighting Bureau, of the 2.7 million commercial buildings constructed before 1980, only about 17% have made lighting upgrades. These buildings are consuming mass amounts of extra energy while spending unnecessary dollars. They could save in both energy usage and money by taking advantage of the increases in lighting efficiency and capabilities over the past 30 years. Because approximately 1/3 of a commercial building’s energy bill comes from lighting, upgrading your lighting systems can make a huge difference to boosting your efficiency and helping your bottom line.

The first step to upgrading your lighting is to look at your lamps and ballasts. Using halogen lamps or compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescent lighting significantly increase your energy efficiency. Replacing magnetic ballasts with electronic ballasts not only helps your energy expenditure but also has a positive impact on the environment.

Beyond these replacements, another major area to look at is your lighting controls. Lighting controls have a huge impact on your energy efficiency potential and upgrading the controls can decrease energy usage by up to 50%. Here are just a few controls that can have a major effect on your power bill:

  • Astronomical time clock scheduling allows you to automatically turn off or dim your lights at specified times. This is particularly helpful for buildings that are empty overnight or during the weekend. These controls will also automatically adjust the lighting according to the changing times of sunset and sunrise. Using this control can decrease your lighting bill 10-35%.
  • Occupancy sensing senses when a room is occupied and will turn off lights when the space is empty. Best for places such as conference rooms, restrooms or private offices, this control can help you save up to 35% on your bill.
  • Tuning controls allow you to control the level of lighting in individual spaces. As different areas have different needs for light, tuning your commercial space can reduce your lighting use up to 20%.
  • Daylight harvesting. If your space has lots of windows or natural lighting, daylight harvesting controls can help save you up to 16% by automatically dimming the lights when enough sunlight is present.

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