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LED Pole Mounted Fixture Upgrade

ledpolemountedfixtureupgradeLight-emitting Diode (LED) technology is becoming one of the fast-paced and most-used sources of energy-efficient production that helps business owners seeking other sources of alternative energy away from high-intensity discharge (HID) systems, like High-Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide. With businesses seeking many diverse types of LED technology in order to cut costs and entice its clients and employees; as such, unlike HID lighting, with the expense of maintaining pole type fixtures, LED technology promotes the longevity and low maintenance businesses and owners need and desire.

For instance, where a traditional HID lamp emits around 278 watts, consumes 275, and has an average warranty of three years and 20,000 hours, its LED lamp equivalent emits 78 watts (an emission reduction of 72%), consumes 91 watts (a consumption reduction of a emission equivalent of 72%), and an average warranty of five years and 100,000 hours.

In addition, LED technology has an instant start ability and different colors of light production. LED light technology will only lose 10% to 15% of light emission instead of the average 40% lost for HID light, contributing to its longevity.


  • Parking lot lighting
  • Car lot lighting
  • Area and storage lighting
  • Walkway lighting
  • Building accent lighting
Type Lamp Watts Consumed Watts Warranty Expected Lamp Life
Traditional (HID) 250 275 3yr (avg) 20,000 hours
LED Equivalent 78 91 5yr 100,000 hours
Traditional (HID) 400 460 3 yr (avg) 20,000 hours
LED Equivalent 150 156 5yr 100,000 hours


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