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LED Bay Lighting Fixture Upgrade

led-bay-lightingFacilities owners and managers interested in a truly energy-efficient alternative to conventional HID light fixtures or fluorescent lighting would be wise to consider the significant benefits of the latest LED lighting technology. LED lighting fixtures offer several unique advantages over fixtures operating on older technology when it comes to longevity, performance, efficiency, maintenance, and costs.

For example, with LED technology the light may be turned on and off as frequently as desired to conserve energy without negatively affecting the life of the LED fixture. Also, the LED fixture has the ability to both start instantly and produce constant light over its entire lifetime.

These unique features make this LED Bay fixture ideally suited for use with daylight harvesting sensors and occupancy sensors, where such controlled automation products can improve energy efficiency an estimated 40%. Additionally, Rocky Mountain Power has offered a notably larger incentive to encourage the installation of such automated sensors.

Other appealing characteristics of LED lighting fixtures include the need for very little maintenance and greater longevity, lasting on average five times longer (100,000 hrs) than HID or fluorescent type lighting, and this type of LED Bay fixture is up to 60% more efficient than traditional lighting types. It only experiences a 10% to 15% reduction in light intensity during its lifetime versus a 40% loss with an HID lamp during the first year, increasing up to 50% over the lifetime of the HID lamp, while both consume about the same amount of energy.


  • Warehouses
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Indoor Arena
  • Show Rooms
TypeLamp WattsConsumed WattsWarrantyExpected Lamp Life
Traditional (HID)2502753yr (avg)20,000 hours
LED Equivalent1281325yr100,000 hours
Traditional (HID)4004603 yr (avg)20,000 hours
LED Equivalent1981985yr100,000 hours
Traditional (HID)6006853 yr (avg)20,000 hours
LED Equivalent2582585yr100,000 hours


RMP efficient lighting incentive:

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