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LED 2×4 and 2×2 Lay In Fixtures

led2422layinlightingFacilities managers and owners find great opportunities in LED technology to increase energy efficiency and lower costs. LED technology offers significant advantages over traditional fluorescent lighting. Energy savings reach as high as 70 percent over T-12, 2×4 fluorescent fixtures. LED technology provides up to 40 percent savings when replacing T-8, 3-lamp 2×4 fixtures.

Maintenance costs of LED technology are lower too. The LED fixtures last up to 60,000 hours and come with a five-year warranty. The performance of LED technology far exceeds fluorescent lighting in both energy efficiency and cost of maintenance.

Benefits of LED lighting go beyond savings on energy usage and maintenance. The LED technology is compatible with automated devices like occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting. This ability reduces energy usage up to 40 percent and does not shorten the life of the fixture. The flexibility of LED technology beats even newer fluorescent systems that suffer reduced lamp life and ballast function if they exceed the limit of six on/offs per day.

LED lighting offers another benefit because it can be dimmed. No additional wiring is needed to enjoy this feature unlike the requirements of fluorescent fixtures. Dimming allows for even higher gains in energy efficiency without any extra equipment or cost during installation.


  • Offices
  • Show room
  • Sales floor
  • Common areas
  • Etc.
Type Lamp Watts Warranty Expected Lamp Life
Traditional T-12 144 NA NA
Traditional T-8 87 1 yr 20,000 hours
2×4 LED lay in 38 watts @ 3500 lumens 5 yr 60,000 hours
2×4 LED lay in 49 watts @ 4800 lumens 5 yr 60,000 hours


RMP efficient lighting incentive:

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