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Kitchen Wiring

Aside from the occasional summer barbecue, most of your cooking will take place in the kitchen. Practically all of the cooking requires steady electricity, from putting together a family holiday feast or just toasting a bagel for breakfast.

To ensure that your kitchen wiring is up to the job of supporting your household, you need the excellent electricians at HedgeHog Electric to provide you with superior kitchen wiring services.

Northern & Southern Utah Kitchen Wiring Services

HedgeHog Electric is proud to serve communities all over Northern Utah as well as Southern Utah, and we have helped many households improve their kitchen wiring. Some people may not have considered how critical the wiring in their kitchen is and why having superior wiring services is so vital to the proper function of your home.

Consider this—your kitchen houses a ton of appliances which continually draw electricity even in a resting state, from your refrigerator to the clock on your microwave. Without the right supporting circuitry and wiring, you may struggle with frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers, which can damage your appliances over time and can lead to potential electrical fires.

To prevent this kind of damage, our licensed electricians here at HedgeHog Electric are here to help!

Process of HedgeHog Electric Kitchen Wiring Installation

When it comes to our kitchen wiring installation process, one of the main things that our electricians do is install dedicated wiring and circuitry to allow your kitchen to operate optimally.

To start, our electricians will discuss with you what issues you have been having in your kitchen and determine what is drawing too much electricity for your current circuitry to handle. Once the critical points have been determined, our electricians will make their recommendations and our bid for the job.

Also, if you don’t have GCFI outlets in your kitchen, you can also contact us to replace your current outlets with GCFI outlets, which are designed to operate in environments where they may get wet.

Appliance Wiring Services

While our electricians do not work on appliances, they can provide kitchen wiring services that will allow your appliances to operate properly. Our appliance wiring services can include installing dedicated circuits for high energy draw appliances, adding new GCFI outlets and wiring to your kitchen to reduce crowding. Also, our electricians can check to make sure that your kitchen wiring is up-to-date and able to support the energy draw of your appliances.

If your Utah home is over 20 years old, you may need to have our electricians upgrade the electrical wiring in your kitchen. As modern appliances come with more features—such as smart refrigerators—it can be tough for older wiring to support these electrical functions. With our team’s help, you can future-proof your kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Wiring Services

Along with providing superior residential kitchen wiring services, HedgeHog Electric also offers commercial kitchen wiring services.

Whether you need the breakroom kitchen brought up to date or your restaurant’s kitchen needs upgrading to keep up with meal preparation demands, our electricians can help. They can run new dedicated circuits and wiring for you to be able to operate the amount of equipment you need in your commercial kitchen.

As the needs of a commercial kitchen wiring project can vary, our electricians can present you with custom quotes depending on the size of the projected job.

Why Bring In Our Electricians For Your Kitchen Wiring

When you are considering your options when it comes to a kitchen wiring project you need to be done, it is best to opt for professional electricians. Some of the top reasons to choose licensed electricians for your electrical work are:

  • Greater safety with professionals – Electrical work can be very dangerous without the right training and tools. Our electricians are licensed professionals, and we ensure they always are equipped with what they need to get a job done properly and safely.
  • Reduce potential future problems – Attempting to DIY electrical work is not only dangerous, but it also leaves your kitchen open to future problems. With the work of our electricians, you can greatly reduce future issues, as your kitchen will be finally set up with enough wiring and dedicated circuits to operate correctly.
  • Ensure your electrical wiring is up-to-code – Even if you don’t want to attempt the wiring on your own, a handyman isn’t a good substitute for one of our trained electricians, as the work will likely be their best attempt. By choosing to work with our electricians, you will be working with professionals who will ensure your kitchen wiring is up-to-code.
  • Relax with warrantied work – Here at HedgeHog Electric, we stand by our work. Our electricians are licensed and insured, protecting you and your electrical work. Also, any job completed by our electricians comes with a service warranty.

Choose HedgeHog Electric When You Need Kitchen Wiring Services

When you need the kitchen wiring in your home or business taken care of, you can count on HedgeHog Electric to provide high-quality, professional electrical services.

Feel free to contact us about any kitchen wiring or other electric jobs, no job is too small or too big for our team of dedicated electricians.

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