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These days, our homes contain more electrical devices and appliances than ever before. From televisions to computers to dishwashers to ceiling fans, and more, we are constantly plugged in and relying on our electrical systems. Since we rely on these systems every single day, it’s a no-brainer that we should want to protect them.

At HedgeHog Electric, protecting your home is what we do best. Our team of qualified residential electricians is backed by well over a decade of service experience. We have the high-quality tools, specialized equipment, and expertise necessary to provide reliable and effective whole house surge protection services in St. George. Count on our team to keep your home’s most important technology safe.

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What Is Whole House Surge Protection?

Most commonly hardwired to your home’s electrical service box, whole house surge protection devices are the best way to protect the appliances in your home from electrical surges. When voltage spikes occur, whole house surge protection devices either block the electrical current or send it to the ground. This protects your major appliances from experiencing serious damage when excess energy finds its way into your home.

What Causes Surges?

Power surges can make their way into any electrical device or appliance in your home.

This excess energy can be caused by several events such as:

  • Tripped circuit breakers

  • Lightning strikes

  • Power outages

  • Malfunctions with the power grid

Whatever the cause, power surges can degrade your appliances over time, shorten their lifespan, and completely fry circuit boards. TVs, washers, dryers, dishwashers, computers, light bulbs, stoves, and other devices and appliances are all at risk of damage caused by power surges.

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Benefits of Whole House Surge Protection

We highly recommend keeping your home safe by investing in whole house surge protection. These days, most homes are run by countless electrical devices and appliances that are at risk during power surges.

There are many benefits of whole house surge protection, including:

  • Keeping your devices safe: Homes have more electronic gadgets and appliances than ever before, which means they are at a much greater risk of power surges. Power surge protection devices keep your home’s technology protected, so you don’t have to worry about replacing expensive appliances after a surge.

  • Plenty of options: Depending on when your house was built and what your electrical needs are, we guarantee there is a whole house surge protection system that is perfect for you.

  • Protection against internal surges: Approximately 80% of power surges are actually generated by appliances within the home. These smaller surges are common and contribute to the degradation of your home’s appliances over time.

  • Avoid insurance loss: Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damaged appliances caused by power surges, which means you are fully responsible for replacing any damaged equipment. Surge protection systems ensure that you don’t lose your appliances in the first place.

How Often Does Surge Protection Need to Be Replaced?

While it would be nice if surge protectors could last forever, that isn’t the case. Generally, you need to replace surge protection equipment approximately every two years to ensure your home is receiving adequate protection. However, if you are aware that your surge protection equipment has protected your appliances from a big surge (usually in the event that power comes back on after an outage), it is best to replace it right away.

Reliable Service Provided by Qualified Experts

When it comes to handling your home’s electrical services, HedgeHog Electric is your go-to. We know exactly what it takes to keep your electrical systems safe and functional for years to come. Each of our highly qualified service professionals undergoes ongoing training to ensure we are fully up to date on all of the latest trends in the industry and you receive the best service possible.

We provide upfront pricing with every job, which means you never have to worry about any surprises along the way. You can trust that our careful attention to detail will help us deliver lasting results. Our team is focused and guarantees that we get the job done right the first time, every time.

Make the right call for your home and schedule whole house surge protection service in St. George. Call (866) 605-2113 today. We look forward to serving you!

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