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High Bay Fluorescent T-5 & T-8

highbayllightingIf you would like to upgrade your facility to be energy efficient without spending too much money, then high bay fluorescent fixtures offer an ideal solution. The fixtures will help you recover your return on investment within a short time.

These fixtures do not last as long as LED or induction types, with the ballasts and lamps lasting 50,000 hours and 20,000 hours respectively. However, while their maintenance is comparable to the conventional HID fixtures, their superior energy efficiency makes them more cost effective.

You can roughly compare the lighting outputs of T-5 and T-8 High Bay fixtures this way:

High Bay 6 lamp T-5 consumes the same amount of power as a 400 watt metal Halide lamp but generates about 20% more lumens. This means you can use it to replace a 400 watt metal Halide lamp to increase your lighting output while maintaining your electrical bill. Alternatively, you can maintain the light output while using fewer fixtures. High Bay 6 lamp T-8 generates the same light output as a traditional HID fixture after operating for one year

Although there is little difference in maintenance costs between these fixtures and the conventional ones, they are more energy efficient.


  • Warehouses
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Indoor Arena
  • Show Rooms
Type Lamp Watts Consumed Watts Warranty Expected Lamp Life
Traditional (HID) 400 455 3yr (avg) 20,000 hours
T-5 (6 lamp) High Bay 351 1 yr 20,000 hours
T-8 (6 lamp) High Bay Fluorescent 1 yr 20,000 hours


RMP efficient lighting incentive:

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