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Electrical Troubleshooting

For the overall safety of your home or building, it is best not to leave potential electrical issues unidentified, as they can quickly turn into dangerous situations if not addressed.

But, as the majority of electrical work is stored out-of-sight, it can be tough to determine what the source of your electrical problem is when you start having trouble. That reason, among others, is why you need HedgeHog Electric’s electrical troubleshooting service.

What Is Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical troubleshooting is when a licensed electrician checks an electrical system for faults in the electrical circuitry to determine where the electrical system has broken down. Often, to properly troubleshoot an issue, several areas in the home will need to be inspected, such as the potential problem spot, the electrical panel, and other key areas.

Our electricians are trained to perform electrical troubleshooting on both residential and commercial buildings so you can feel confident when you give us a call. They can perform the troubleshooting in-person or even over the phone.

If you opt to have our electricians help you over the phone, you can avoid the hassle of scheduling an appointment, and you will have expert advice to walk you through how to repair minor electrical issues with our electricians’ troubleshooting help.

When Do You Need Electrical Troubleshooting

In the instance of a visible electrical issue like a warped or scorched outlet, it makes sense to call in one of our electricians to do some electrical troubleshooting and repair the issue in-person. However, there are other signs that your home or building needs electrical troubleshooting that isn’t as clear as a damaged outlet. Some of the best ones you can look for are:

Older home electrical system evaluation

Homes over 40 years old can often have electrical issues come up. These problems may be due to outdated wiring and circuitry or simply due to degradation of electrical components over time. Often, these homes will have outlets that simply don’t work and light switches that give small shocks to anyone who touches them.

In any case, if you have a home or building over 40 years old and have not had a recent electrical inspection, then it’s time to contact us for some electrical troubleshooting.

Energy bill is high without a source

In many cases, when you have a high energy bill, you can likely find the source. But, if there is no discernible source for the high energy bill, it could mean there is an issue with your electrical system.

Our electricians can check various areas of your home, which are known to have high power draws and locate the source of the problem.

Lights are flickering

Your lights may flicker during a lightning storm due to the electrical energy, but aside from that, there should be no flicking lights in your home. If you are having your light fixtures flicker with no cause, this can be a sign that your electrical circuits are overburdened and need to be checked.

By troubleshooting the issue, our electricians can determine what circuits are strained and what needs to happen to reduce the overload.

Circuit breakers are regularly tripped

Much like with the flicking lights, if you circuits are being tripped or blow regularly, it is likely due to overloaded circuitry. If the strain isn’t found and corrected, it is possible that an electrical fire may occur, as the circuit will be unable to cut off the energy current. So, if you have noticed your circuit breakers being tripped, it’s time to call in our troubleshooting electricians.

There is an unidentified burning smell

One of the most dangerous signs, if there is an unidentified burning smell in your home, you need to have the problem found as soon as possible. Because, if your electrical system has reached the point of sparking and scorching to create a burning smell, an electrical fire is not far off.

How Electrical Troubleshooting Is Performed By HedgeHog Electric

Once you are ready to call in HedgeHog Electric for our electrical troubleshooting assistance, the process is easy. All you need to do is contact us, explain your concerns, and set up a time for our electricians to come for electrical troubleshooting.

Our electricians will diagnose your electrical system and check to see if there are multiple areas where your electrical system is struggling. Once the electrical troubleshooting is completed, our electricians can tell you what the problems are and recommend some of our other electrical services to correct the issues.

Contact HedgeHog Electric For Electrical Troubleshooting And More

With the help of our electricians, you can protect your home or business from future electrical problems just by contacting us and requesting our electrical troubleshooting service. We look forward to helping you enjoy greater security, knowing that your electrical work is in perfect working order.

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