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Electrical Inspections

There are many different electrical services you may need over the years, ranging from new lighting to electrical upgrades like solar panel installation.

While these kinds of directly applicable services provide a clear application, preventative services such as an electrical inspection can be difficult to determine what they offer.

If you aren’t sure if you need an electrical inspection, our electricians here at HedgeHog Electric are here to tell you all about electrical inspections.

What Is An Electrical Inspection

Put simply, an electrical inspection is an in-depth examination of the electrical systems of your home. This examination thoroughly reviews things such as the wiring, appliances, circuits, and other electrical components meet the local building and safety standards as well as ensuring that the safety meets the minimum National Electrical Code, which applies across America.

Generally, our electricians work off of a checklist to ensure that nothing is missed during your electrical inspection. If there are any concerns, our electricians will review the issues as well as provide recommendations to correct the problems and advise what electrical upgrades you may want to make.

What Goes Into An Electrical Inspection

Depending on what type of building is being inspected, our electrical inspection can vary somewhat. However, for a residential electrical home inspection, this is generally what our electricians will review during the inspection.

  • Review outdoor electrical systems to check for any wear and tear.
  • Determine that security and safety lighting is operating properly.
  • Verify that there are smoke detectors and that they are operating properly.
  • Test carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Check for electrocution or shock hazards.
  • Review that light bulbs with the right wattage are in place.
  • Examine wall outlets and switches to ensure they are in good condition and operate correctly.
  • Verify that GFCI and AFCI outlets are working properly.
  • Inspect the circuit breaker panel for the correct labels, amps, and to make sure it is operating without issues.
  • Double-check that the grounding systems are in place and that the electrical system is connected.
  • Review surge protection.

This inspection checklist can vary, but overall, this is what our electricians look for when inspecting a home. At the end of the inspection, you will receive a detailed report that will detail what areas of your home need attention.

When Does A Home Need An Electrical Inspection

There are various reasons why you may need an electrical inspection. The times you need to have your electrical systems reviewed often coincide with these circumstances:

Older Homes Over 40 Years Old

With homes that are 40 years old or older, it becomes far more likely that there is something wrong with the electrical system. Sometimes, this problem can be as simple as outdated outlets that don’t provide the safety of being properly grounded. However, older homes may also have other outdated or worn electrical systems that can pose a safety hazard.

By having an electrical inspection, our electricians can help make sure that your home’s electrical system is up to modern safety standards.

After A Major Home Renovation

When you make major changes to your home—i.e., removing a wall, adding a room, etc.—the electrical system can be impacted. If something has become damaged or wasn’t properly installed, you may be at risk of an electrical fire.

To ensure that everything is operating as it is supposed to after a major renovation, just schedule an electrical inspection at the completion of the renovation.

Prior To Purchasing A Home

Along with the general inspection of a home prior to purchase, you can also have an electrical inspection performed. A general inspector may not have the in-depth knowledge to know how to appropriately inspect a home’s electrical system.

So, to prevent future issues with your new home purchase, having an electrical inspection is a good part of your due diligence prior to purchasing a home.

When Unable To Determine Electrical Problem

If you are struggling with an unknown electrical problem, then an electrical inspection is needed. With our electricians to review your systems, they will be able to troubleshoot and determine where the issues lie and provide solutions to the electrical problems that are uncovered.

Benefits Of Having An Electrical Inspection

One of the main benefits to having an electrical inspection is the increase in safety that it can bring to your home. By having a licensed professional electrician review your home’s entire electrical systems, you can have any issues detected and corrected.

Other benefits to having a home electrical inspection are:

Peace of mind – With the electrical systems examined by our electricians, you can enjoy greater peace of mind, as you will have a detailed list stating how your various electrical systems are operating rather than wondering.

Reduce energy costs – Many homes lack optimized electrical systems, which means that there is a certain amount of wasted energy. After an inspection, our electricians will recommend upgrades that will allow you to reduce your home energy costs.

Find DIY hazards – Past owners of your home may have made DIY repairs or had inexperienced handymen work on their electrical system. Rather than live with these hazards patch jobs, our electricians can find the DIY hazards and perform electrical repairs that will be compliant with housing code.

Recognize outdated systems – Older electrical systems can get a pass for a while, but over time, they can cause issues as they are unable to keep up with modern electrical demands. Our electricians will be able to recognize outdated electrical systems and make recommendations for how they can be updated.

Contact HedgeHog Electric For Your Electrical Inspection

Having an electrical inspection of your home can provide you with a variety of benefits, but only when performed by licensed electricians who have the training and experience to determine if something is wrong.

To schedule your electrical inspection, please contact us. We have separate contact information for those who live in Northern Utah and Southern Utah, so no matter where you live in Utah, you can count on us.

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