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Dimmer Switches

One of the lighting services our HedgeHog Electric electricians can provide is the installation of dimmer switches. These specialized light switches can help control the level of light put out by your light fixtures, allowing you to determine if you want the brightest setting possible or your lighting set at a dim glow.

How Do Dimmer Switches Work

A regular light switch regulates the flow of electricity to your light fixture with a simple ON/OFF connector. When in the ON position, electricity is allowed to flow freely to the light fixture, while the OFF position moves the connectors away, which halts the power connection.

With a dimmer switch, you can turn on the electrical connection, but instead of electrical power flowing freely, you can regulate how much power the light fixture receives.

For example, consider a battery-operated flashlight. When the batteries start to run down—aka, less electrical power to the light—the light of the flashlight is dimmer. Instead of having a run-down battery, you can control the level of light from full brightness to low lighting, all by moving a switch. That’s why most modern dimmer switches have a control you can slide, giving you fine control over your home lighting.

Why Have Dimmer Switches Installed

Save on electricity – As dimmer switches throttle the amount of electricity used, you can enjoy lower electric bills by having these switches installed.

Increase light bulb life – Along with saving on the electric bill, with less power connecting with the light bulb, your bulbs can last far longer. This benefit is especially handy if people in your home tend to leave the lights on in unoccupied rooms.

Set the mood – Whether you want to set the stage for a romantic date or your kids want to dim the lights and have a ghost storytelling sleepover, dimmer switches are perfect to help set the mood.

Avoid disturbing others – Whether you wake up early for work or have somewhere to be before the rest of your family, it’s hard to get ready without turning on a light. To avoid being that person at work with mismatched socks or worse, using a dimmer switch can make the light less intrusive and spare you wardrobe mishaps.

If these examples resonated, you will be happy to know that your current light switches can be easily replaced by our electricians. While swapping out regular light switches for dimmer switches can be difficult for those who don’t have an electrician background, our team of electricians are well-trained as well as licensed, and they can make quick work out of swapping out your light switches for dimmers.

Where Should You Have Dimmer Switches

Often, our HedgeHog Electric electricians install dimmer switches in the dining room, as it is a common gathering spot that can easily utilize these devices. However, there are plenty of other areas in the home where dimmer switches can come in handy. Some areas you may want to consider are:

  • Front room/entryway – Rather than step into a dark house, you can leave a light fixture on and dimmed with a dimmer switch. Doing this can also help if you go on vacation but don’t want to leave your home looking unoccupied and potentially vulnerable. Also, if you use an LED bulb, the cost of leaving the light on will be negligible, as little electricity will be used.
  • Dining room – Romantic dinner potential aside, dimmer switches on the light fixtures can be especially handy if you are watching a show but also want to be able to see your food as you eat.
  • Den/living room – If you enjoy working on a hobby while watching a show but want you living room lights lower, dimmers are a perfect compromise.
  • Bedrooms – In shared bedrooms, not everyone has the same schedule. To prevent blinding a sleeper, dimmer switches can be a great way to get some light.

Generally, in rooms like the bathroom, basement, attic, and garage, it is best to have the brightest lighting possible. So, you may want to skip putting dimmer switches in these locations.

Choose HedgeHog Electric For Your Dimmer Switch Installations

When you are ready to have dimmer switches installed, be sure to call HedgeHog Electric. Our team of experienced electricians will be able to promptly assess what is needed, whether you need some new wiring to set up your dimmer switches and what the timetable for your work will be.

Also, you will know the cost of your electrical project upfront. There is no surprise pricing or unexpected charges when you work with us. That way, you can feel confident as our electricians get the job done.

If you would like to work with our electricians and see about having dimmer switches installed in your home, contact us today to set up your consultation!

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