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Custom Lighting

From your home’s landscaping to the interior design, your house should reflect your personality. Often, there is a lot of emphasis given to wall colors and furniture, but what some people leave until later is their lighting. Yet, with the right lighting, a home can really shine.

Problem is, most homes come with similar lighting installed, and it is uninspiring to look at, to say the least. Luckily, HedgeHog Electric is here to provide you with custom lighting services.

Custom Lighting Services From Salt Lake City To St George

The right lighting in your home can transform it from unwelcoming to inviting. That’s why some of HedgeHog Electric’s most common work is our lighting services. Whether you are looking to spruce up your interior lighting or redo your exterior lighting, our electricians are ready to help.

Also, along with choosing from more standard lighting options to brighten up your home, you can go custom. If you need help customizing your lighting, you can work with HedgeHog Electric, or if you already know what kind of custom lighting you are interested in, we can also help!

So, whether you live in Salt Lake City, Kanab, St. George, or in any of the surrounding communities, you know who you can call for custom lighting installation.

Why Choose To Customize Your Home’s Lighting

Now, you may still be debating whether you want to go with standard lighting options or if you really want to customize the lighting in your home. In most cases, it is a matter of preference, and either decision is equally valid. However, there are some good reasons why people will opt to customize their home’s lighting.

Highlight Key Features Of Your Home

When you have interesting architecture and other features in your home, you don’t want weird lighting shadows obscure them. But, often, with the standard central lighting that most homes come with, there is only one radiant source of lighting in a home.

By customizing your lighting, you can have the lighting redesigned to highlight the features of your home that you want to be displayed, rather than just the center of your room.

Create Clear Individuality

Taking time to decorate your home is one way to express your personality and individual expression. Yet, if you stop at changing your lighting, it can leave the interior you redecorated looking unfinished. With custom lighting, you can tie together your entire design concept.

Increase Visibility

Many rooms in most people’s homes have a singular standard ambient light fixture per room, which is hopefully placed in the middle of the room—but isn’t always. With only one lighting source available, rooms are often dim, and visibility is restricted as the natural light goes away.

Depending on the room, you may be able to just add some lamps. However, in areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room, adding free-standing lighting isn’t a safe option. Adding custom task lighting can help increase the visibility in these rooms significantly.

Boost Home’s Atmosphere

A home’s lighting can make or break the overall atmosphere of a home. Consider how movies use lighting—if it’s is a dim and dark room, something is wrong. Bright and well-lit rooms are often upbeat and considered inviting.

To revolutionize the general atmosphere of your home, custom lighting is the way to go. Adding lighting options from wall sconces to custom-made chandeliers can take your home’s interior from dim to dazzling.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Going custom with your lighting can also be energy efficient. Many homes have lighting installed with an eye to construction cost efficiency, which may not be as energy-efficient as having our electricians swap you to more energy-saving lighting options.

Also, if you have an older home, the older wiring, as well as the lighting itself, could be wasting electricity, and subsequently, making your utility bill higher.

Different Ways To Customize Your Lighting

There are many ways you can utilize our residential electrical services to customize your home’s lighting, depending on what you are looking to achieve.

Custom Light Fixture Installation

One of the easiest ways to customize your lighting is to choose custom light fixtures. Whether you are interested in having a one-of-a-kind light fixture or you opt for premade fixtures that catch your eye, our electricians can help.

With custom fixtures, our electricians can ensure they are properly wired before installing the fixture in your home. Also, depending on your current lighting set up, our electricians can help reposition and re-wire your home to accommodate your new lighting.

Switch To Smart Lighting

To provide you with greater control over your home’s lighting, you can switch to smart lighting. By choosing smart lighting, you can control your lights with ease from your phone.

So, instead of remembering that the living room light is on, but you are already out of the house, you can turn it off from your smartphone. Or, say you are coming home late. You can turn an exterior light on from your smartphone and have some light to welcome you home.

Add Dimmable Lighting

Maybe you like your current lighting, but you just wish you had the ability to dim them down occasionally. Well, by having our electricians install dimmer switches, you can take control of your home’s lights and reduce the amount of electricity used.

Combine Different Types Of Light Fixtures
There is no rule that says you have to use the same sort of light fixture per room. Many homes can benefit from customizing their lighting with multiple types of light fixtures.

Some examples of mixed light fixtures are:

  • Pendant light over the dining table with recessed lighting to provide extra light.
  • Ceiling fan with light in the living room and wall sconces spaced out to highlight different features.
  • Track lighting in the kitchen, combined with undercabinet lights for improved cooking and baking.

Commercial Custom Lighting In Salt Lake City To St George

Commercial businesses can often benefit from having custom lighting. For instance, the lighting of a busy marketing office is far different from a bridal retailer. So, why stay with whatever lighting comes with your commercial building?

Instead, you can bring in HedgeHog Electric for all your custom lighting needs. Whether you need your existing lighting system reworked or you want a complete custom lighting overhaul, we are ready to help light up your business.

Pick HedgeHog For Your Custom Lighting Needs

Choosing custom lighting means you need experienced electricians to help bring your lighting ideas to life. That’s why you should choose HedgeHog Electric.

We cover Northern, Central, and Southern Utah, and always provide prompt, courteous service. Also, you will never receive a surprise bill—all our work is clearly agreed to beforehand, so you know exactly how much your custom lighting job will cost.

When you are ready to bring our HedgeHog Electric electricians, feel free to contact us for a consultation and our bid on your custom lighting work.

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