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Computer & Internet Wiring

A wiring service that HedgeHog Electric offers that sometimes surprises people is our computer and internet wiring service. Often, people associate this kind of service with their internet provider.

Yet, in most cases, an internet technician will come by your house once, set up your modem and single internet cable, then take off once the connection is completed. This type of service doesn’t help if you need a router or other network options set up, and no barely trained tech can set up a dedicated circuit for your computer to protect it from power surges. That’s why you can count on HedgeHog Electric for your computer and internet wiring needs.

Why Work With Professional Electricians On Your Computer & Internet Wiring

There are some instances where you could do some DIY computer and internet cabling. For one thing, our electricians don’t handle your computer directly, which means you will either need to correct issues on your own or with the help of a computer specialist. But when it comes to setting up the external wiring for your internet and computer, the professional touch can make all the difference.

With the help of our electrical team, you can feel confident that your computer and internet wiring is up to your demands. For instance, if you are looking to have more than one computer hardlined into your internet connection for the highest level of stability, there can be many moving parts. You can count on our electricians to set up your internet wiring and perform cable management so that you aren’t constantly becoming tangled with the wires or tripping over them.

Depending on the internet or computer wiring service you need, our electricians here at HedgeHog Electric can help.

HedgeHog Electric Computer Wiring Services

As we mentioned above, our electricians don’t deal with the wiring of a computer directly. However, there are supporting electrical systems that can greatly affect the operation of your computer that can require the help of an electrician. Some of the services you may need to support your computer are:

Dedicated computer circuit – Computers have delicate circuitry that can be irreparably damaged by electrical surges and blown fuses. Having your computer tied into the same circuit as other high-draw appliances can almost guarantee that you will need to do costly replacements when the RAM or other components are fried by electrical charges.
You can avoid this problem by having a dedicated circuit set up for your computer. One of our electricians will check that your circuit breaker panel has room for another circuit to be run, and set you up with a circuit that is dedicated to powering your computer.

Moving an outlet – Where you want to set up your computer and where the outlet is located can be very different. Owners of older homes often struggle with this issue, as these homes were not designed to support the electrical load that modern homes are constructed to accommodate.
Rather than stretch cords and cables across the room, you can have one of our electricians move the outlet into a position that makes sense for your computer set up.

Replace old, underpowered wiring – Speaking of older homes, their wiring may not be up to the power draws of your computer. If you work from your computer, it is a dedicated gaming setup, or you do high-power draw activities such as edit raw footage or live stream, you will want to be sure that the electrical wiring is up to supporting your activities. If you do have underpowered wiring, our electricians can replace it so that your computer activities aren’t interrupted.

Adding an outlet – There are a lot of things to plug in when it comes to setting up your computer, especially depending on what kind of setup you have. For example, say you have a two-monitor computer and are also next to the modem. That’s at least 4 things to plug in, and we don’t recommend overloading your outlets, so if you want to add other things nearby like a stand-alone fan and lamp, you will need another outlet.

In most homes, there aren’t two conveniently positioned outlets, but with our help, you can have another outlet set up so that you don’t overload your computer outlet.

Choose Our Internet & Network Wiring Service

While the internet has made many things greatly convenient, it is not always conveniently set up in your home by your internet provider. Whether they activated an inconvenient jack or you have one short cable that isn’t in the right spot for your needs, it is unlikely that your internet provider will correct these problems. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on them.

Here at HedgeHog Electric, our team of electricians can take care of your internet wiring needs quickly and without any fuss. Just tell us what you need, whether it’s moving your internet wiring or helping to set up network hardline wiring, and we can help.

Commercial Computer & Internet Wiring Services

Commercial business, in particular, has specialized computer and internet wiring needs, as much of today’s work takes place online. Whether you run a marketing company, a call center, dental office, or any other number of professional settings, our electricians can help ensure that your workstations are properly supplied by your electrical wiring.

Pick HedgeHog Electric For Your Computer & Internet Wiring

If you would like to set up a consultation with our electricians to see what can be done with your computer and/or internet wiring, contact us for a consultation appointment today! We look forward to setting up your home or business to work with your needs.

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