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As we progress into the future, we are using more and more electricity to power our lives. Not only are we using more electric-powered devices in our homes, but electric cars are also becoming more prominent all across the country as battery technology improves. That means electric bills are only continuing to rise, and surging costs mean expenses will only continue to climb at an alarming rate well into the future. If you’re looking for a way to cut back on your electric bill, stabilize your electrical power for the future, and do your part to keep our environment clean, call HedgeHog Electric today and learn more about switching to solar energy!

HedgeHog Electric is a local leader in solar energy systems, including design, installation, maintenance, and repairs. We understand the importance of this kind of investment in your home or business, and our staff is committed to making the switching process as easy and stress-free as possible. Our staff is trained to work with the latest and greatest in solar energy equipment, and we custom-design and engineer every project for the customer and the property it will serve. This means optimal efficiency, performance that meets your goals, and long-term performance and reliability. We even stand by our installations with support services that include repairs and maintenance. Plus you’ll always receive an honest, straightforward, and customer-focused experience that prioritizes your satisfaction.

Interested in switching to solar energy and doing away with those sky-high energy bills? Call HedgeHog Electric at (866) 605-2113 today and let us show you how much you could save!

Why Should You Switch to Solar?

Switching to solar can benefit you in so many ways, including a number of ways you may have never realized or thought about. Solar energy is the only truly clean, safe, and renewable source of energy available to us, and yet it is present in the world around us in an incredible abundance. It might blow your mind to learn that the sun bombards the earth with enough solar energy to power our entire planet, as well as more than 10,000 additional planets just like ours! A solar energy system harnesses just a small amount of this power to use as the electricity you need for your day-to-day life.

Here are just a few great reasons people are switching to solar energy:

  • Rising energy costs: Concerned about your energy bills that are climbing with seemingly no end in sight? Solar energy softens the blow of high electricity costs by reducing your dependence on the public grid.
  • Increased stability: Solar energy reduces strain on the electrical grid, and that means fewer brownouts or blackouts due to the weight of an excessive load on our aging infrastructure.
  • Emergency power: Combine a solar energy system with a smart inverter and battery backup to create a store of clean, reliable energy you can use when the power goes out. Keep your lights on and your life moving smoothly when others are left in the dark!
  • Solar pays for itself: Over time, the savings from reduced electrical bills will eventually lead to your solar energy system paying off its own installation cost. From there, you’ll enjoy an abundance of clean, self-produced energy.

Other Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

1. Lessen your carbon footprint - Not only does solar panel installation provide more stability for your electrical grid, but it will lessen your carbon footprint as well. Sustainable energy is designed to get you away from fossil fuels in order to help foster a more green environment for ourselves and our kids as well.

2. Increase the value of your home - Eco friendly homes are becoming more and more attractive to younger home buyers that are more environmentally conscious than previous generations. Nothing shows off your home as state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly as do solar panels so give us a call today to bring your home into the 21st Century in terms of renewable energy.

3. Become more independent - If you're somebody that likes to take your power into your own hands, then contact our Colorado City solar panel installation experts today. When you're not as dependent on the electrical grid, you are less susceptible to blackouts and outside threats to your power grid.

4. Become an energy supplier - Not only can you insolate yourself from the power grid with solar panels, but you can actually become an energy supplier. With enough solar panels you not only will have enough power for your home, but you can make extra money by powering your community.

Commercial Solar in Colorado City

Solar isn’t just technology for homeowners—it’s also beneficial for businesses too. If you’re looking for a way to cut overhead costs, make your facility an eco-friendly one, and even appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers, talk to our Colorado City commercial solar pros at HedgeHog electric. We work with you to determine what production capacity you would need, learn what your goals for solar production are, design a solar energy system that meets that capacity, and then help you make the decision as to whether this investment is one that’s right for you. From small businesses like shops and restaurants to large-scale facilities like factories and warehouses, we’re the name to call for projects of any size and for businesses in any industry.

Looking for dependable solar power? Contact HedgeHog Electric and our Colorado City solar panel installation experts will get the job done!

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  • “They did an excellent job installing and setting up my solar! Helped me when I had questions and was very knowledgeable and supportive of all my questions. Definitely recommend this Company for solar!! Kirk and Malcom were excellent!!”

    - Mike H.
  • I greatly appreciate the efforts of Hedgehog to make me feel important and valued!

    “We encountered some challenges during the install, but Malcolm was a reassuring presence with a plan to pull the project together. The installers were professional and focused on quality work.”

    - Greg H
  • Very professional, friendly, honest with no pressure.

    “We had plenty of time to think about it and do some research to make sure we were making the right decision for us. They made the process very easy and were very quick to get the job done!”

    - June A
  • They gave immediate attention to my problem

    “My third local contact was HedgeHog in Hurricane. They gave immediate attention to my problem, scheduled an appointment and provided an excellent technician and customer service! Thanks!”

    - Kate K
  • Quality of work is top notch!!!

    “Quality of work is top notch!!! Leslie, Russel, Lorenzo and Victor you guys ROCK!”

    - Mayra U

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