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Electrical Safety

Electricity is a huge part of our daily lives. With its continual presence, it is helpful to be reminded of its potential dangers in order to make sure that you are always safe, no matter how much electricity you use.It is easy to become … [Read more...]

Electricity Myths

Urban myths and legends are some of the most entertaining stories that circulate in our society. However, when the myth is accepted as fact, it can ultimately cause many problems. In the case of electricity, these myths can be dangerous both to your … [Read more...]

Fuses vs. Breakers

In your home or business, the electrical current that runs throughout the building and provides power to your lights and appliances is harnessed by either a fuse box or a breaker box. Fuses and breakers are designed to keep the electricity from … [Read more...]

What is Electricity?

Electricity is a part of our everyday lives.  From providing the light in our rooms to powering factories, we use electricity throughout the day. Have you ever stopped to consider what happens when you flip on a light or hit a power button? What … [Read more...]

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