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The Many Benefits of Switching to Green Lighting

Everyone wants to save money on their monthly electric bill. Other than reducing heating and cooling costs, the other major way of reducing energy usage is through lighting alternatives like CFLs (compact fluorescent light), which first appeared on … [Read more...]

8 Energy-Saving Tips From Our Licensed Electricians

If you’ve recently looked at your utility bill and wondered how you can reduce your electricity expenditure, you are in luck! Our licensed electricians here at HedgeHog Electric have eight energy-saving tips that can help optimize your home, so your … [Read more...]

Lighting Upgrades for Commercial Buildings

According to the National Lighting Bureau, of the 2.7 million commercial buildings constructed before 1980, only about 17% have made lighting upgrades. These buildings are consuming mass amounts of extra energy while spending unnecessary dollars. … [Read more...]

Exterior Lighting Options for Your Home

With all the focus on the lighting plan inside your home, many people forget the importance of creating a well thought out lighting plan for the outside. Beyond a simple porch light, exterior lighting has a whole range of possibilities that allow you … [Read more...]

Lighting Your Home

The use of light can make or break the overall appearance of a room. By knowing the basic types of lighting and understanding how they work together, you can create a lighting plan that balances function with the creation of the perfect mood and … [Read more...]

Types of Light Bulbs

When lighting a space, there are several options available to meet your budget, color, and efficiency needs. In commercial and residential lighting, the three most common types of light bulbs are fluorescent, incandescent, and high intensity … [Read more...]

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