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Breaker Panel Installation

The breaker panel has many names like electrical panel, circuit breaker panel, service panel, and more. But no matter what it is called, the critical role it plays in protecting your home and allowing electricity to flow safely is the same. That’s why you need the best electricians to ensure that your electrical system is operating properly.

Here at HedgeHog Electric, we work with all aspects of your home and commercial business’ electrical work, from wiring in new outlets to installing a brand-new breaker panel. As a licensed and insured company of electricians, you can trust us to take care of all of your electrical work. So, if you need a new breaker panel installed, you can depend on us.

Importance Of Your Breaker Panel

For all that an electrical panel takes up next to no room and is often stashed away out of sight and installed in a closet or garage wall, your home’s breaker panel is one of the most essential parts of your electrical system.

A properly functioning circuit breaker panel will interrupt the flow of excess electricity, protecting your property from electrical fires that come with too much electricity flowing. While it may be annoying when a circuit breaker trips and you need to reset it, the alternative is excess electricity overheating the wiring or throwing off sparks that can create property-destroying fires.

Also, an electrical panel makes it easy to turn off the flow of electricity to the part of the house where you are having electrical work done or if an area has become damaged. That way, you can more easily protect yourself with the control the breaker panel provides.

Along with control, most modern electrical panels allow for flexibility in setting up your home’s or business’ electrical system. Say you need a new dedicated circuit to run your new hot tub or need to set up a new workstation that has a high power draw. It is easy enough for our electricians to set up a dedicated circuit on the electrical panel and run the appropriate wiring.

Electrical Panel Installation

Often, our electrical panel installation services are accessed when a new building is being built. If the building is private property and a home, many homeowners like to take care of some of the construction themselves. However, electrical work, especially installing the critical control point of your home, is best done by professionals.

Our electricians can install the electrical panel as well as wire your home with your desired number of dedicated circuits, outlets, light fixtures, and all other aspects of your home’s electrical work. Depending on the size of your home and electrical needs, our electricians can recommend the right electrical panel to be installed.

When it comes to commercial buildings, the basic process of electrical panel installation is similar to a home, where a panel is chosen, and then the building is wired. However, as commercial properties often have greater electrical needs, whether its an office building or a busy restaurant, our electricians can work with you to determine what electrical panel(s) are best suited to your commercial property needs.

Circuit Breaker Maintenance

Along with the electrical panel itself, our electricians can provide maintenance to the circuit breakers that are part of the panel. Modern circuit breakers shouldn’t require as much maintenance as a fuse-based electrical panel would, but there are signs you can look for to see if your circuit breakers require maintenance or replacement.

Some of the key signs you should watch for when it comes to circuit breakers in need of replacement are:

  • Breaker trips often – A circuit breaker that trips often may be an indicator that you have too many things trying to draw power from the same circuit. Or it might be an indicator that the breaker is failing and needs replacement. If you can lower the number of devices drawing power and the breaker is still being tripped, it’s time to call us in to replace your breaker.
  • Visible damage – If you see clear damage from the switch being broken or the breaker is scorched or something similar, it is critical that you have the breaker replaced quickly to prevent electrical fires.
  • Breaker won’t stay on – When a circuit breaker is worn out, it generally will not stay on and will turn off even when there isn’t an electrical overdraw. To correct this, you can have one of our electricians replace the worn-out breaker.
  • Old breaker – Often, breakers are replaced one at a time, and new ones are added to the panel as new dedicated circuits are installed. So, you can end up with a variety of circuit breakers of different ages and need to replace one or more older breakers.

If you have seen one or more of these signs, then it’s time to contact us and have one of our electricians come out to safely replace your circuit breaker.

Electrical Panel Repair

Along with the circuit breakers needing repair, the electrical panel itself may require repairs from time to time. One clear sign that your electrical panel needs repairs is if you smell anything scorched or burning around the panel. That can easily indicate that there is some issue with the wiring of the panel or the near wires, and it needs to be addressed quickly for your safety and the safety of your property.

Also, if there is visible damage to the panel, much like with the circuit breakers, you will also need to call in our electricians for electrical panel repairs. If there is enough of an issue, you may need to consider electrical panel replacement.

Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement

When a circuit breaker panel has sustained damage, often the only thing to do is replace it as it is safer than trying to work around damaged parts. However, electrical panels don’t generally become damaged as they are tucked away and often need replacement due to age.

An electrical panel will last between 25-40 years. So, if yours is beyond the 25-year point, you may want to have our electricians check to ensure it is still in good shape.

Also, if you have an older electrical panel, whether it’s one with limited circuit breakers or uses fuses to interrupt the flow of electricity, you may want your circuit breaker panel replaced by HedgeHog Electric.   

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