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Keep Cool With Sleek Low Profile Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are an excellent addition to your home. Whether you get ceiling fans installed in your bedrooms, living room or dining room, the increased air circulation can help cut costs both during the warmer months as well as at cooler times during … [Read more...]

Get More Use From Your Garage With These Lighting Ideas

Let’s face it—most of us don’t think about the lighting in our garage until we are stuck using our smartphones for flashlights while digging through toolboxes. Yet, whether you use your garage for storage, parking, as a workspace, or a combination, … [Read more...]

Are DIY Solar Panels A Good Idea?

Whether you are looking to help the environment or want to save on your electric bill—or all of the above—having solar panels makes sense. However, some homeowners are tempted to save on their solar panel installation costs by engaging in DIY solar … [Read more...]

What’s The Average Cost To Rewire A House?

Usually, when a homeowner needs wiring services, it is for a specific area of their home. However, there are times where an entire house can be in need of electrical rewiring. In these cases, the main question on homeowners’ minds is, “How much does … [Read more...]

Can I Charge My Electric Car From My Outlet At Home?

Prospective electric vehicle owners have to consider a variety of factors when it comes to deciding if they want to purchase an electric car. From wondering about the resale value to whether their electric car will be as powerful as a standard … [Read more...]

10 Ideas For Modern Dining Room Lighting

The lighting in your dining room can make a significant impact on how you feel about the room. For instance, say that you have carefully styled the dining room’s decor, but you only have a simple flush mount light to shed light. Often, this kind of … [Read more...]

When To Call An Electrician vs. A Handyman

There comes a point when doing home improvements where homeowners reach a crossroads. They know that they lack the skills for the electrical work needed, but should the homeowner call a handyman or an electrician for electrical services?For work … [Read more...]

Discover The Difference Of Can Lighting

Ever feel like your living room is more like a cave than an area of relaxation? Like you need to go and buy multiple lamps to light your bedroom and other sitting areas in your home? Well, those are pretty clear signs that your home can benefit from … [Read more...]

7 Wiring Code Violations And Electrical Mistakes Many Homes Have

Taking care of your home’s electrical needs is best left up to your local electricians. However, sometimes, people are tempted to engage in a bit of DIY electrical work. This inexperienced electrical work can leave your home vulnerable to potential … [Read more...]

Why It’s Way Past Due To Upgrade Your Two-Prong Outlets

One electrical upgrade that is easy to overlook is two-prong outlet upgrades. Many people just find two-prong outlets inconvenient and a bit annoying, but they are far more dangerous than most people know. Two-Prong Outlets Aren’t As Safe In modern … [Read more...]

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