Solar Panels on a home

5 Top Reasons to Consider Solar In 2022

HedgeHog Electric and Solar is the top electrician in Southern Utah. We are also one of the top solar installers in St. George, Utah and Mesquite, Nevada. The purpose of this blog post is to outline the top 5 reasons homeowners are considering upgrading to solar in 2022.

Reason #1: Reliability

Homeowners are concerned with the reliability of the electric grid. Many homeowners are relocating to St. George from bigger cities where rolling blackouts are commonplace. These homeowners want to be prepared in the event that power companies in our area start adopting similar policies as the bigger cities in regard to multi-tier pricing and rolling blackouts. (June 2022 Garkane Power notified its customers that scheduled power outages may be happening in the near future.)

Reason #2: Investment and Cost Savings

Homeowners have already made the decision that it is better for them to own their own home than to rent. The same logic applies to electricity bills. A homeowner can rent their power from power company paying whatever rates the power company decides is fair. Or the homeowner can invest in solar panels and own their power production—locking in their electricity rates. For most homeowners in Southern Utah, solar is a great investment.

Reason #3: Increases the Value of Your Home

This section is controversial but shouldn’t be. Many local real estate agents are convinced that solar doesn’t add value to a home or increase the homes sales price. A study by Zillow (who has access to the largest dataset on home prices and home sales data) disagrees and states that solar increases the value of the home by 4%.

Consider the following thought experiment: You have the option to buy 2 homes—located in the same cul-de-sac and everything about the homes are identical. The electric consumption of both homes is also exactly the same. One home as solar panels installed and those solar panels offset 80% of the home power consumption; saving the future buyer $150 a month. The other home doesn’t have solar, and the utility bill is $350 a month. Which home do you buy? Would you pay more for the home that saves you $150 a month in electricity cost?

I believe most people would agree that a home that saves someone $1800 a year in utility costs is worth more. How much more? That is up to you and your real estate agent. One additional important note: The warranty for solar systems installed by HedgeHog Electric and Solar is transferrable to the new owner.

Reason #4: Preparedness

What if there is an extended power outage? What if the cost of electricity gets really high? How will you keep your food cold? How will you keep your house comfortable?

Solar isn’t the only way to achieve energy preparedness. Homeowners also look into backup generators. Some homeowners choose to implement a combination of the two solutions. One of the reasons I installed solar on my home is I have a plug-in hybrid. I can drive 30 miles in electric mode. My solar panels allow me to charge my car. That gives me peace of mind and is worth the investment. (I am on Dixie Power and getting solar ended up costing me about $10 a month more. But, that $10 a month more is a pretty cheap insurance policy.)

Reason #5: Tax Credits and Incentives

In 2022 the Federal Government is offering a 26% tax credit. The State of Utah is offering a $800 tax credit. The tax credits along aren’t a strong enough reason to get solar, after all 26% is not 100%. Upgrading to solar is still an investment; however, in combination with the reasons listed above the 26% tax credit is a pretty sweet cherry on top. Or, for you cake lovers icing on the cake.


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