Why Do My Light Bulbs Blow Out Frequently?

Nobody really likes to replace their light bulbs, but it is so much more frustrating to replace them if you know that the bulbs are burning out much faster than they should be.

While burned out bulbs may not seem like that big of an issue, it can indicate that there is a bigger issue with the electricity in your home. And if there’s an electrical problem at your home, then it’s time to call in HedgeHog Electric to help fix your electrical issues.


One reason why your light bulbs are constantly blowing out may be due to an excessive amount of vibration. We know, that may sound weird, considering you likely aren’t shaking your ceiling mounted light. However, there are some ways your fixtures may be moving without you even noticing.

For one thing, if you have a ceiling fan that wobbles, it can be dramatically shortening the lifespan of your light bulbs. The frequent movement of the fan can jostle the filaments and circuitry in the bulb, and if the circuit connections are broken, the light won’t work. Even if the connection isn’t broken, if it becomes damaged, the bulb will burn out more quickly as it takes more work to power the light bulb.

To correct this problem, you can swap your light bulbs to LED bulbs, as they have no filaments to disrupt. Even if you don’t want to swap out all your light bulbs, it is best if you do place LED bulbs in your ceiling fan lights and the lower floors of your home, as the vibrations of people walking above can cause your light fixtures to undergo considerable movement.

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Another potential issue that can cause you to go through light bulbs at a shocking rate is if there is a problem with the wiring that is connected to the fixture or how the fixture is connected to the wiring.

If the issue lies with the fixture’s connection to your wiring, it can be causing power fluctuations as electricity flows through the wiring. Not only can this issue lead your light bulbs to receive too much energy and burn out, but there is also the potential for an electrical fire. You can call our electricians to properly set up the fixture and correct this issue.

Should the problem lie with the wiring that is connected to your light fixture, you can have our electricians to replace the wiring. It is critical that you have bad wiring fixed as soon as possible, as it has a high potential for causing a house fire, so be sure to contact us about ourwiring services to protect your home.


Sometimes, your light bulbs burn out due to a poor connection with the light fixture. This connection issue may be caused by how tight or lose you have screwed the bulb into the fixture.

If it is too loose, the bulb can struggle to connect to the electrical current and the infrequent connection can short-out the bulb. But if the bulb is screwed in too tight, it can damage the fixture-to-bulb connection point, leading you to need a new fixture eventually.

Also, if you aren’t the original owner of the home, there is potential that whoever lived there before you used either cheap bulbs that have degraded the connection in the fixture or have screwed their bulbs in too tight and damaged the fixture. The only way to fix the light bulb’s connection to a fixture if it is damaged is to replace the light fixture altogether, which you can have our electricians take care of.


Bulbs that overheat can have a much shorter lifespan than you may expect from your light bulbs. There can be several reasons why your light bulbs are overheating, such as:

  • The bulb’s wattage is too high for the fixture it is in.
  • You placed too large a light bulb in a fixture it was not meant for.
  • A wrong bulb is used in an enclosed fixture, generating excess heat that becomes trapped.

To check if overheating is the source of your issue, you can touch the ceiling or wall around the light fixture to see if it has become warm. If your light bulbs are overheating and blowing out, then switch to a lower wattage of bulbs.


When you have multiple light fixtures that have burnt out light bulbs on a regular basis, the problem may lie with your home’s electricity flow. Houses that have too much electricity flowing can overpower the appliances and fixtures in your home, which has little impact on them but often wrecks light bulbs.

You can use a voltage tester to check the electricity levels in your home. If you see that the voltage of your home rests around 125 or more volts, you should call in our electricians to adjust the voltage supply.

If you need electrical diagnosing or troubleshooting help in your home, contact us. Our courteous, professional electricians can determine what the issue is and provide you with our bid, so there are no unpleasant surprises if you choose to work with HedgeHog Electric.