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6 Reasons A Home Electrical Safety Inspection Is Worth The Money

It’s not unusual for people to wait until there is a problem with their electricity before bringing in a HedgeHog Electric electrician. However, being proactive and having a home electrical safety inspection can protect you and your home in a number of ways that might surprise you.

1. Protect Your Home From Electrical Fires

One of the biggest electrical dangers to a home is electrical fires. These kinds of fires can be triggered by a number of things such as old wiring, improper DIY electrical fixes, overloaded circuits, and other hazards.

These dangers can be uncovered when you take advantage of our home electrical safety inspection, one of the many residential electrical services HedgeHog Electric provides. Should our electrician’s inspection uncover a problem while checking your home’s electrical system, they will make recommendations to correct the issue with your house.

2. Save On Electrical Energy And Money

Issues with your electrical system can waste both energy and money. Instead of allowing this waste to happen, you can call our electricians out to your home for an electrical inspection. With this inspection, areas of electrical waste can be determined, and our electricians can offer solutions to help you save on your utilities in the future.

3. Assists With Home Remodeling Projects

During home remodeling projects, whether you are preparing to sell or just altering your home to suit yourself, having an electrical inspection is a great place to start. With one of our electricians to check over your home before you start your remodel, you can ensure that you focus on the necessary remodeling projects your house needs most.

4. Recognize Dangerously Outdated Wiring

Unless you are a professional electrician, it’s likely that you won’t recognize most signs of outdated electrical work. While some old electrical systems are obvious, such as a two-prong outlet, others are less clear. One that often passes notice is older electrical breaker panels and interior wiring.

These older breaker panels can malfunction and lead to an electrical fire. In fact, some older panels have been recalled because they have caused a notable number of house fires. Yet, not all of these panels have been caught, especially if they were already installed before the recall.

With the assistance of our electrician, these outdated electrical features, from the wiring to electrical parts, can be identified and swapped out.

5. Meet Home Sale Inspection Requirements

When you are looking to sell your home, there are many tasks to consider, from patching holes in the wall to cleaning. But one task that may go unnoticed is ensuring the electrical work inside the walls is in top shape. While sellers may be able to check light bulbs, place switch and outlet faceplates, and have light fixtures swapped out, it takes an experienced electrician to perform an electrical inspection.

By having one of our electricians inspect your home, you can have any electrical issues which may complicate the sale of your house identified by our electricians. With an electrical inspection done prior to selling your home, you won’t be surprised when the buyer’s inspector checks your house.

6. Keeps An Old Home Safe

There is a lot of charm to an old home, from classic architecture to historical connection; however, there are dangers to older houses that range from structural issues to electrical problems. In fact, electrical problems are more than likely in an older home, as the wiring is not always updated in a timely manner.

If you own an older home that is 40 years old or older, it is best that you have a home electrical inspection done, so any issues can be found and corrected. That way, your home can be protected from outdated electrical systems and wiring if there is any present.

With the help of our licensed and experienced electricians, you can better protect your home and your family. Contact us today to schedule an electrical safety inspection of your home.

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