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10 Ideas For Modern Dining Room Lighting

10 Ideas For Modern Dining Room Lighting
The lighting in your dining room can make a significant impact on how you feel about the room. For instance, say that you have carefully styled the dining room’s decor, but you only have a simple flush mount light to shed light. Often, this kind of light fixture will leave the corner of the room dim and—let’s be honest—is kind of boring.

Rather than leave your dining room a little underwhelming, you can modernize it by opting for new lighting. To help spark your redesign, our expert electricians are here to provide ten exciting ideas for modern dining room lighting.

1. Mix And Match Your Light Fixtures

Mix And Match Light Fixtures
There’s nothing that says all of your light fixtures need to match. In fact, if you stick to a certain theme or color palette, you can get pretty funky with the lighting that goes into your dining room.

As you can see from the example image, the light fixtures in the kitchen and dining room coordinate without being exactly the same. Using the same type of metal and geometric style of lighting fixtures allows you to have different shapes without it looking messy.

2. Embrace The Exposed Cord Look

Exposed Cord Look
Pendant lights with exposed cords can add a bohemian touch to your dining room, which can work well with artistic, bohemian, and mid-century modern room styling.

Depending on the style of the pendant, sometimes these fixtures with exposed cords can be more formal, but generally, if you have a formal dining room, this isn’t the style of modern light fixture for you.

3. Modernize With A Sleek Ceiling Fan

Modernize Dining Room With A Sleek Ceiling Fan
For dining rooms with vaulted ceilings, a sleek, modern ceiling fan can be a great addition. For one thing, if your dining room is close to the kitchen, the ceiling fan can help move the heat from the kitchen away from where you are dining. Also, in regions where summer gets very hot—like in St. George, UT—having a fan can make using the dining room more bearable.

Dust build-up can be an issue with a dining room fan, especially if you pick a sleek one with shiny lacquer. So, you may have to clean it once a week to keep from raining dust onto your plates at dinner time.

4. Have A Chandelier Installed

Chandelier on Dining Room
There are hundreds—if not thousands—of styles of chandeliers. From classic candelabra-style chandeliers to ultra-modern sculptural chandeliers, you can find exactly what suits your dining room with a bit of searching. At this time, geometric chandeliers in brass, gold, or bronze are in style.

Also, if you are unable to find the perfect chandelier, you can always opt for custom lighting to ensure you can have exactly what you want to light up your dining room.

5. Opt For A Modern Industrial Dining Room Fixture

Modern Industrial Dining Room Fixture
If you are looking to modernize your dining room, consider adding an industrial touch with your light fixtures. The juxtaposition of home furnishing with modern industrial lighting can add that unique look to your home while providing plenty of light.

You don’t even have to shop commercially to find these kinds of light fixtures. While your local home improvement store may not carry these fixtures, you can try finding them online or work with our electricians and allow us to source your perfect industrial-style light dining room lights.

6. Choose Statement Pendant Lights

Dining Room Statement Pendant Lights
Many homes come with basic light fixtures installed. These fixtures are generally simple and a little on the boring side. So, rather than stay basic, go bold with your dining room light fixtures and choose statement pendant lights.

Once you are ready to move away from simple lighting options, you might be surprised how artistic pendant lights can be. Like the lights in the example above, you can find options that essential double as statement art that can tie your design concepts together.

7. Switch To Recessed Lighting

10 Ideas For Modern Dining Room Lighting
Sometimes, a single light fixture in the middle of the dining room is not enough to provide adequate lighting. Rather than leaving the corners of your dining room in darkness or gambling that another centrally-placed light fixture will shed enough light, you can add recessed lights.

With the addition of recessed lighting, you can brighten up any room to be more inviting. Dining rooms that are also part of an open floor plan can also have the recessed lights extend to the kitchen and living room, allowing for all these rooms to be more welcoming.

8. Pick Light Fixtures That Mix Opacity

Light Fixtures That Mix Opacity
Glass is a popular medium for hanging light fixtures. From smokey glass pendant lights to clear glass used in chandeliers, you can find plenty of dining room lights that feature glass. What you might not have considered are light fixtures that mix the opacity of the glass.

Consider the fixture in the above image. Not only is it sculpturally interesting, but the difference in opacity allows the light to refract differently without decreasing the brightness.

9. Showcase Textured Lighting Options

Showcase Textured Lighting Options
If you prefer a more minimalist styling when it comes to your dining room decor, you may want to go for a more textured lighting option. With the clean lines—and often monochromatic nature—of minimalism, rooms can look a bit cold and flat.

By choosing dining room lights with interesting texture can be an easy way to add dimension and visual interest to the room without adding unnecessary decorations.

10. Bring In Rustic Styling

Bring In Rustic Styling
Last, but not least, you can modernize your dining room lighting by bringing in rustic or farmhouse style fixtures. Like in the example photo above, using rustic materials like deer antlers can create a visually interesting and modern light fixture.

You don’t even have to have a completely rustic-styled dining room. In fact, it can highlight the rustic lighting if more of the aspects of your dining room is more neutral.

Revitalize Your Dining Room Lighting With HedgeHog Electric

Installing new and exciting light fixtures are best left up to professional electricians. For one thing, our electricians will be able to check and ensure that your current wiring is up to carrying the right amount of electricity. Some older homes do not have wiring that is compatible with modern light fixtures.

Also, with the help of our electricians, your new lighting installation can go smoothly, as our team is experienced and has all the right tools.

When you are ready to take on your dining room lighting revolution, feel free to contact us to get your project underway by the top professional electricians in the area!

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